Tuesday, July 4, 2006

WWF Insurrextion 2000

1) Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn vs. Too Cool - 5
2) Bull Buchanan vs. Kane - 3
3) Road Dogg vs. Bradshaw - 3
4) The Kat vs. Terri – Arm Wrestling Match - 0
5) The Dudley Boyz vs. The Big Show & Rikishi - 3
6) Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit - 4
7) Crash Holly vs. The British Bulldog - 4
8) The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian - 5
9) Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero - 6
10) Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Shane McMahon – Triple Threat Match – 4

The opening tag was a decent match. Malenko and Saturn made a good team as no-nonsense wrestlers but were forced to job to the dimwitted duo of Too Cool. Now, I’m not saying that Too Cool wasn’t a good team, I’m only saying that white guys dressed like hip-hop artists seem out of place. It’s a shame that Buchanan’s talents have been wasted in the states. The guy can move like a cruiserweight and has amazing agility for someone who happens to be 6’8” and near 300 pounds. Road Dogg and Bradshaw was a disaster of epic proportions as was the arm wrestling match. Big Show was dressed as Rikishi for his tag match and it was not a pleasant sight. Edge and Christian did a run-in for some reason, perhaps Mae Young flashed her puppies backstage. I’ve seen great matches between Angle and Benoit but this was not one of them. Maybe it was the fact that they worked a really short match? I don’t know but the one thing I do know is that it sucked. Crash Holly did guest commentary for the Angle/Benoit match in order to set up his match with Bulldog. They worked a 3-minute garbage match in which Bulldog won the title only because they were in England. I believe that it was Bulldog’s last major appearance for the WWF as he was out of wrestling by the following month. The Hardys vs. Edge & Christian match was another rushed match that featured a Dudleys run-in. This time the run-in occurred because Rikishi farted backstage and they were trying to get away from the smell. By the way, the match stunk worse than Rikishi’s aforemention fart. Jericho and Guerrero was far from great but it was decent. It was the first match on the show to go more than ten minutes. It wasn’t anything special but did feature some good wrestling that could’ve easily main-evented SmackDown. The main event was terrible as it went on forever and there was constant interference from both Vince and Stephanie. I guess the only good thing is that Shane didn’t win the match. Then again, what good can be said about a show this terrible?

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