Thursday, July 13, 2006

NWF Aggression TV - 6/29/06

Low grade, local indy wresting on cable access TV? Yeah, it’s that bad.

1) Jay Donaldson vs. Malpractice – 3 – There’s maybe 50 people in the building so do I even have to describe this shit? Donaldson makes quick work of one of the dumbest bastards I’ve ever seen. The five people who actually care congratulate him.

2) Dr. Melvin Winkleman & “Dead Sexy” Matt Parks vs. Prof. Austin Meddler & The Zodiac – 2 – This is a joke. These guys couldn’t work a lawn mower. This match centered around the feud between Meddler, who’s a nerd, and Winkleman, who’s a mad scientist. Shoot me now.

3) Pompano Joe vs. Jeremy Hyde – 3 – I still have heat with Hyde who I used to work with at a run down movie theatre. It’s not my fault that he crashed into my car because the guy who’s girlfriend he fucked chased after him. Screw this shit, I’d rather watch paint dry.

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Jessie said...

wow, didn't know about that personal stuff with you and Hyde...i'm sure he'll be a big star one day and have the money to pay you back....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!...i'm at work and needed a good laugh