Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Ring of Honor: Arena Warfare- 03/11/06

ROH in the ECW Arena? Well, everyone else has done it. Christopher Daniels is a great wrestler, but he can't cut a great promo.

1 Briscoe Brothers v. Jason Blade/ Kid Mikaze v. Dunn & Marcos v. Homicide/ Ricky Reyes- 3- A lot of action, but overall a big mess. Briscoes had their team work down, but the other three looked supremely confused. It was just a vehicle to get over Homicide, who I don't think is all that great.

2 Roderick Strong v. Jimmy Yang- 4- these were the two top contenders to the ROH belt. Huh? What have they done? Strong was one half of the tag champs. I think they merely give out random contenders. The match was short, but hard fought.

3 BJ Whitmer v. Necro Butcher- 1- Necro looks like he belongs in the Hewitt family. This was hardly a match; but they were getting stiff on each other.

4 Matt Sydal v. Austin Aries- 6- Some outside dives and good action. Sydal is a great athlete, and I usually don't take to him because of Internet smarks, but against Overrated Aries, he looked fine.

5 Irish Airborne v. FBI- 5- the only person actually from ECW was Tony Mamaluke. What a tribute(heavy on the sarcasm). I miss Tag team wrestling. I keep hearing people talk about giving the cruiserweights or the x-division some time, but how about the tag division? Put together some good solid teams and let them stay togther. WWE hasn't had a tag feud anyone cared about since Dudleys v. Hardys six years ago!

6 Bryan Danielson v. Alex Shelly-6- They worked a good paced longer match, of course without all the stalling for Samoa Joe(who was late) this would have been TV length.

7 Colt Cabana v. Christopher Daniels v. Samoa Joe(in street clothes)-4- What a joke! You give the guy the win who was hours late to the show! That's backwards thinking and If I was one of the boys, I would have shit all over ROH for that decision. Get to work on time and quit buying towels just to put fake blood on them, you sweaty Neanderthal.

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