Friday, July 7, 2006

WWE v. ECW: Head to Head

A huge monumental event that should have been heralded from rooftop to rooftop, conceptually even a bigger deal than an ECW return, but alas, it is only given a USA prime time slot. Let's see what they did with it.

1 Rey Mysterio v. RVD- Some good crazy spots ruled the majority of this match, which only was about 6 minutes, but still reigned supreme for effort on this interpromotional endeavor. 5

2 Jazz v. Mickie James- i have to say I was intriuged by this match, but it only went about a minute and a half, longer than Rodney Mack lasts in bed with Jazz, but it's her choice. Anyways, this had a lot of potential, but was squandered. 1

3 WWE v. ECW Battle Royal- This wasn't good by any standards. There were countless random, meaningless just throw me over the top eliminations and the last ten guys or so were all born and bred from WWE, regardless of what brand they were on. Kurt Angle was the only shining spot in this, as he was working pretty hard. 1

4 Edge v. Tommy Dreamer( Hardcore)- I knew neither of these guys would break out the big bumps for this one, since the PPV was Sunday, and I love being right so i was happy with the results. The only highlight was Edge falling right on his head after pussing out on a table spot. 3

5 John Cena v Sabu- An interesting match, to say the least, and the least said the better. Actually, there wasn't any back and forth in this match, Cena controlled the first part, then Sabu, then back to Cena then a huge cluster fuck brawl, that was stiff on some parts and then there was Mick Foley wondering around aimlessly, looking for the inspiration for his new book. I heard it's about suicide. 3

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