Tuesday, July 18, 2006

TNA Impact 12/24/05

This review is done a little differently than my others. We were kicking around the idea of doing some audio reviews, and fellow writer Jessie and actually recorded one for this particular show. It didn't pan out, but I had these shorthand notes in my notebook so I figured I'd share.

1. Matt "Bentley Claus" and Traci interview - Christian Cage comes out with his Jericho-like entrance - gives the gift of Jarrett's white pants from '85 as gift - Cage puts on blonde wig and sunglasses, and struts to "Double C" chant - he's no Jason Sensation - bad sexual innuendo - Brown and Jarrett run-in - Cage has trouble selling due to having a wig over his eyes

2. Christopher Daniels interview - will take what's most important to Samoa Joe @ PPV - according to Joe's online journal, that'd be comic books and Chipotle burritos

3. Eric Young vs. Christopher Daniels - 3
Shelly's out taping - maybe he should be in the back studying tapes instead - Shannon Moore is watching from a perch, too - very telegraphed match - including a bad punching sequence - quick and careless

4. "Bullet" Bob, Kip and B.G. James interview - could have been filmed in '94 - as they're leaving they say "thank you Shawn" to Shane Douglas - that made me laugh - a lot

5. Abyss vs. Chris Sabin - 5
Abyss still wrapped up in bandages from his barbed wire match - Sabin has loads of potential - nasty spot where Abyss slings Sabin into the ringsteps then drops him on his head on the floor - Dave Hebner taking mysterious notes at ringside - I guess they scraped that angle - nice springboard dropkick - Abyss' manager James Mitchell looks like a giant yellow squash - Abyss uses Sabin's momentum to do a Black Hole Slam for the finish

6. Kenny King vs. Ron "The Truth" Killings - 4
I wrote down "no limit" in my notes but I have no idea what it means - nice front layout suplex - an axe kick for a finish? - Killings opts to dance rather than talk to Armstrongs

7. Raven video documenting his feud with Larry Zybysko - this is a good time to go grab a slice of pizza and a razor blade

8. "Wildcat" Chris Harris vs. Christian Cage - 4
ax handle from top buckle sucked - Gail Kim looks tasty - Cage's frog splash makes Eddy Guerrero revert back to drugs... in the grave - Jarrett, Monty, and Storm all interfere - this was a huge mess like Sunny after gangbanging the Godwins after a house show in '93 in Mississippi - and after writing that, Chris Candido has now reverted back to substance abuse... from inside the grave

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Jessie said...

wow, love these notes...i think "no limit" referred to the depths TNA would go to to be successful...and yes, Gail Kim is tasty