Monday, July 10, 2006

ECW TV 6/27/06

1. Sabu vs. Roadkill – 5
2. Mike Knox vs. Danny Doring – 2
3. Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle – 7

This was one of the first times since the conceptually questionable rebirth of ECW that Sabu has had a relatively solid match, minus blown and botched spots aplenty. His punches were unmercifully stiff, and the usually hit or miss trademark table bumps worked as good as could be imagined. This was our first glimpse of Knox, who showed very little to nothing, in a short and ultimately forgettable squash against dummy Doring. RVD and Angle ended the show with the most inspired match thus far on the new ECW TV, keeping an entertaining pace and focusing more on athleticism than lame attempts at personifying some hardcore identity, that in fact is all something created by bored egoists in executive suites who’d rather run to Starbuck’s than actually sit through a Tommy Dreamer match.

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