Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TNA Final Resolution- Jan. 06

1 Team Canada v. Lance Hoyt/ Jay Lethal/ Kenny King- 3
2 LAX v. The Naturals- 3
3 Alex Shelly/ Austin Aries/ Roderick Strong v. Sonjay Dutt/ Matt Bentley/ Chris Sabin- 4
4 James Gang v. Diamonds in the Rough- 3
5 Hiroshi Tanahashi v. AJ Styles- 5
6 Sean Waltman v. Raven- 4
7 Bobby Rood v. The Truth- 5
8 Abyss v. Rhino- 4
9 AMW v. Team 3-D- 4
10 Samoa Joe v. Christopher Daniels- 6
11 Jeff Jarrett/ Monty Brown v. Christian Cage/ Sting- 5

This was a stacked card. The first four matches were all variations on tags, with the X-Division being the best, although morbidly I enjoyed seeing the James Gang try and work a real tag match, because they sure as hell can't work that fast style. The first two were short, but not that badly constructed. Tanahashi and Styles clicked well together, and given more time and elevation, could have been really cool. Waltman looked higher than Method Man and paler than Powder and he didn't do anything that cool. Raven was as sloppy as ever, but they managed a few sequences without fail. Rood and Truth had a decent match with an old school feel to it, except there was no emotion in either performance, thus brining the grade down. Abyss and Rhino went through the same motions and put on the same sub standard brawl. I haven't been liking the 3-D matches and expected another hardcore crowd brawl, but there was some wrestling, not good enough to give it a passing score, but enough not to bury it. Joe and Daniels brought a lot of intensity to the show, something it was lacking and put on a pretty good encounter. And the return of Sting, who looked better in his first match back than he has in any of his other ones. Another good tag match that was given some time and not rushed. A decent show all around.

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