Saturday, July 22, 2006

King of the Ring '97

1 Ahmed Johnson v. HHH- 2- Whoo! I almost forgot about Ahmed. How could I? He got such a big push. Well, it faded away, just like Julia Roberts sex appeal. One major fuck up occurred in this match, where Ahmed attempted a power move and just fumbled HHH like a backyard football player.

2 Mankind v. Jerry Lawler- 3- Uncle Jerry has been doing the same matches for the last ten years in WWE and I'm not buying it. I read his book too. It was not that interesting and not that funny, even though he regards himself as a comedian. Yeah, you're as much as one as Kathy Griffin. Hope that hurt. Foley took some devastating guard rail bumps to the back of his head, and for what? A match that no one in the world will be rewatching.

3 Goldust v. Crush- 4- An interesting match with no build at all. I remember when WWE used to put these on PPV. There wasn't a single botch in this match surprisingly and the finish was a stiff DDT. I give these two a golf clap.

4 Bulldog/ Owen Hart/ Anvil Neidhart v. Sid/ LOD- 4- A very interesting match up. Owen got bumped around the whole time and Sid did nothing but look like a seven foot tall sweating dildo. There was a close call when he went to the second rope and I begged him to do a flying boot, but alas, an axhandle. Bulldog did literally no offense when he was in and I found myself digging Anvil's work. Owen got the duke( and rightly so) with a flying sunset flip on Sid. Cool beans.

5 Mankind v. HHH- 6- The finals of the tournament. They really tried to put on a worth while match. I enjoyed watching it. The pace was a little off, but they did build up their big spots nicely, including Foley taking a pedigree on a table. Both men put on hard fought performances.

6 Shawn Michaels v. Steve Austin- 5- There were spurts of great basic scientific wrestling and chemistry. But, then throw storyline and ego into the pot and you've got one nasty tasting goulash of bad booking. At this time, Michaels was an ass and Austin was about to take the company on his back. And Bret sucked at promos, he cut one before the match and sounded like a nervous kindergardener showing off his bug collection at show and tell. I would've rather seen Michaels and Austin in a training session than on a PPV match.

7 Undertaker v. Faarooq- 3- Faarooq is like walking human Nyquil. The guy puts me to sleep. He did nothing but stomp the ground and feign a punch at the same time. And sell badly. This was a poor excuse for a main event and I would dump on this tape if it were mine.

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