Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ECW TV 7/4/06

1. Mike Knox vs. Little Guido – 3
2. Al Snow vs. Test – 2
3. Big Show vs. Rob Van Dam – 7

Knox got a little more time this week, but still failed to impress anybody, save for his chubby Mom and her new sugar daddy, watching on an old TV in a trailer park somewhere. Knox’s offense looked extremely limited, but he did sell damage to his leg pretty effectively and didn’t just randomly stop selling the pain. Snow and Test was very quick, but registered a few points, only due to its physicality. I was never a big fan of Test’s work before, but I’m willing to see if he’s made any improvements towards his craft before writing him off once again. For the second week in a row, Rob Van Dam who’s usually about as consistent as the Atlanta Hawks had a really good match. With the wrong opponent, Big Show can easily look like a large pile of shit in the ring; but here, they worked towards Show’s strengths, having him toss Van Dam around and bully him. RVD would fight back valiantly, but the freakishly huge Big Show always thwarted his efforts. The context of the match had much more psychology than I’d anticipated, and they even won over the always tough Philadelphia crowd, which says a lot but how truly good this really was.

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