Saturday, July 1, 2006

WWE Smackdown - 6/2/06

1) Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio – 7 – I have to say that this match runs close to any Benoit/Finlay match as a match of the year candidate for SmackDown. I was expecting either a pinfall or a submission finish, but the count out finish they used protected both men. This was a rare face vs. face showdown and the crowd was really behind both guys. Aside from Flair vs. Edge on the 1/16 edition of Raw, this was the best match that WWE has aired on free TV this year.

2) Matt Hardy vs. Nunzio – 4 – A far cry from the previous match. Hardy pins Nunzio clean and Vito comes out in drag. Honestly, what is the creative team smoking? Nunzio and Vito feuding, yeah, that’s gonna draw big money.

3) Jillian Hall vs. Kristal – 2 – A waste of a match that was used as a platform to sell this year’s abomination known as the Diva Search. Wait … you, mean … why the fuck are they bringing that back? Not that I’m against scantily clad girls parading around on TV, but I just don’t want it mixed in with my wrestling. A note to Vinnie Mac: Since it seems that your Viagra has worked for more than four hours, I’d go see someone, preferably women your own age.

4) Mark Henry vs. Paul Burchill – 1 – Who are they trying to kid? Mark Henry as main event talent? The only talent that Mark Henry has is to eat a whole pizza. I like Burchill’s pirate gimmick but he would be better off main eventing Velocity, or better yet, teaming with Regal in the new ECW.

5) Fit Finlay vs. Caden Matthews – 2 – Can you say squash? The match itself sucked but the part with the leprechaun afterward made me laugh. Thus the reason for the inflated rating. Crazy leprechauns are funny.

6) Booker T vs. Bobby Lashley – 4 – It’s a shame that William Regal’s talents and integrity are being flushed down the toilet just so he can yell “All hail King Booker!” every five seconds while Booker is walking to the ring. It’s also a shame that I have to hear Sharmell speak on a weekly basis. Anyway, this was pretty much the same as their match from Judgment Day, only shorter. Booker, Finlay, and Regal beat up Lashley afterwards and all I can say is thank God that’s the end of the show.


Brian said...

"Crazy leprechauns are funny." Do you still hold this to be true after the Hornswoggle McMahon debacle?

Adam said...

Yes because now he's giving Regal and Coach trouble on Raw. Regal and Hornswoggle together ... it's comedy gold!

Jessie said...

still, can you explain what that shit is on Hornswaggle McMahon's face is?....and that growth on Regal's cock?