Rating System

The Never Hand Over Wrestling Review Scale

Examples are used to show guys who personify the grades shown. This however, doesn’t mean they’re not capable of going below or above that particular rating… just that their work is generally of that caliber.

0 – 2
0 represents an unwatchable match, where 1 and 2 represent matches of an undeniably poor quality. Length, seriousness, interference, and work ethic are common factors in a match scoring this low.
Examples: Vince McMahon, Cody Hawk, and Cheeks

3 – 4
3 and 4 represent a forgettable match. These matches are either of bad quality or disappointing (too short, etc.) in some way. American TV matches can often fall in this category due to being allotted very short amounts of time per match. Good wrestlers who have bad matches (beneath their usual quality) can also fall victim to these grades.
Examples: Ian Rotten, David Von Erich, and Justin Credible

5 is a roughly an average match, bordering the edge of forgettable and recommended; generally more towards to positive spectrum. 5 matches are mostly satisfactory, but can often leave you expecting/wanting more.
Examples: Simon Dean, Tully Blanchard, and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

6 – 7
These matches are good, and from this grade forward you’d be recommended seeking this footage out. 6 and 7 matches deliver, they’re entertaining and enjoyable for what they’re worth. These matches are usually just good, sometimes however a match could be rated higher but something (bad finish, blown spots, etc.) brought it down.
Examples: Fit Finlay, Roderick Strong, and Gran Naniwa

8 – 9
These matches are very good. They’re certainly memorable, but not quite legendary, albeit exceptional overall. These matches demonstrate superior wrestling, and showcase solid performers. To be consistently graded this high would result in extraordinary respect from true fans worldwide.
Examples: Chris Benoit, Low Ki, and Shinya Hashimoto

To be ranked 10 is to have a classic match. These are rare. 10 showcases the ultimate combination of athleticism and entertainment. These matches are legendary and are essential to your collection.
Examples: Bret Hart, Kenta Kobashi, and Mitsuharu Misawa

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