Friday, June 26, 2015

Saturday Night's Main Event Project

Being that NHO cohort Adam and I are both loyal WWE Network subscribers it seemed fitting we'd eventually do something Network-related here on our esteemed wrestling blog. And while my more obscure and esoteric suggestions of tackling either the complete 2014 run of Superstars or Main Event were summarily dismissed Adam had no such reservations about tackling all of the Network's archived Saturday Night's Main Event episodes. And I've got to say I'm pretty excited too. SNME exists mostly for me through the lens of foggy nostalgia. So it's overdue to reexamine the show and its matches and see it for what it was really was/is. We're going to be doing this as a long-term, ongoing project, not adhering to any strict posting schedules, etc. just working our way through the history of SNME as time allows. We hope you'll enjoy this look back at the hottest thing happening on Saturday nights this side of Ms. Zuzu's Psychic & Tarot Card Readings.