Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dutt vs. DJ Z vs. Tigre Uno

Sonjay Dutt vs. DJ Z vs. Tigre Uno - TNA X Division Championship Match - TNA iMPACT Wrestling 8/26/15 - 1

Horribly botched double-hiptoss early on Tigre dumping him on his smelly mask. Dutt wishing he was back working CZW shows in '07. DJ Z's manic blue mohawk screams Hot Topic discount rack and he sells an apron somersault not unlike one of that store's part-time employees might. "Hey man, I'm hitting up the food court on break, you guys want anything?" Some absurd offense. "Here, let me make you do a backflip so you can land face-first on my knee" which is overkill yet made completely meaningless when no contact was actually made. Dutt wrestles with the conviction of a kid playing one of the Three Wise Men in a Christmas pageant but has recently started to self-identify as Yazidi. The finish was real bad. The announcers called it a "Frog Splash" but it looked more like a kid splashing into a backyard pool, stiffly and awkwardly and as forgettable as that morning's Pan a la Catalana.