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WWE Sunday Night Heat 8/16/98

 1. Mankind and Kane vs. LOD 2000 (Animal and Darren Drozdov) - 4

Pretty explosive. Lots of Beef 'N Cheddars flying around the canvas. At one point a chair is covertly slid into the ring just so Foley can take a bodyslam bump on it because this was '98 and he was all about sacrificing for DA BIZ~! Animal still had some nice pop on a shoulderblock. Kane's Tombstone on Animal looked potentially fatal.


2. Brian Christopher vs. Edge - 5

Edge in a trench coat like Morpheus with wild, long hair. Much cooler than he looks in 2022 with dad cut and Little Caesars belly. Heard Beth Phoenix likes hand tossed. Nasty little back suplex by Edge. Later while Edge is dazed on apron BC somersaults over him and busts out a sunset flip powerbomb on the floor!!! We're going to Korakuen Hall, bay-bay! Loved Christopher selling a spinebuster like a turtle stuck on its shell. Forgot how good BC's top rope legdrop was (even if he missed it here). Really dug this one


3.  Vader vs. Bart Gunn - 2

This is in the midst of the Brawl for It All fiasco. Jim Ross literally had to call a replay of Gunn knocking out his boy Dr. Death a few days prior as this got underway.  Vader hit one disgusting big slash on Bart. Was Gunn being taught a lesson here? Vader was def. giving him some potatoes and they weren't Idaho or even scalloped.


4. Gangrel vs. Scott Taylor - 3

The debut of Gangrel! He actually had a heck of a cool look here initially. His white frilly vampire shirt was covered in plasma and he was in better shape than he'd later slip into. Good squash.


5. Southern Justice (Dennis Knight and Mark Canterbury) vs. Degeneration-X (X-Pac and Triple H) - 3

X-Pac hit a GREAT spinkick in the corner on Knight. Sometimes in this era his kicks could be more Phantom than Billy Zane but this one was BOSS~! When I hear DK I think Donkey Kong or Dynamite Kid not Dennis Knight. Mark (aka Henry Godwinn) and Trips have some history. I've read Chaucer's Canterbury Tales but what I really want to do is read Mark Canterbury's Tales.

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1993 World Cup Tournament - Fantasy Booking

(Editor's Note: Former NHO contributor Jessie reached out to me about doing a series of fantasy booking tournaments inspired by the PWI 500 lists of yesteryear. Enjoy! - Brian)

Brian's Tournament

Show report done via off the cuff interview by Dave Meltzer of frat bro Colin Monaghan post-show on the beer-stained floors of the grandstand

Round 1

1. Bret Hart defeats Rick Steiner via submission "Dude .. Hart whooped the Dog-Faced Grem. But minus 5 stars for putting his shades on that fat chick"

2. Brian Pillman defats Jerry Lawler via pinfall "This ain't USWA territory homie, but Lawler had his working boots on! I don't like that he cat-called that sixteen year old on his way to the back, but he hustled out there with Pillman."

3. Yokozuna defeats Dustin Rhodes via pinfall "Woah .. Yoko crushed Dustin, man. That Bonzai Drop was devastating"

4. Lex Luger and Scott Steiner went to a double countout "Man, they gonna book a f*ck finish? Lex's sells were hilarious though. Looked like the time we poured cold water on my Uncle while he slept and shot straight forward like Frankenstein's Monster"

5. Mr. Perfect defeats Rick Rude via pinfall "This was a banger, yo! Minnesota boys rep. I caught Perfect's gum .. then I chewed it"

6. Jushin Liger defeats Ric Flair via pinfall "Back-to-back mat classics, son! Flair got color. Awesome sauce"

7. Marty Jannetty defeats Sting via pinfall "Is this a rib?? hahaha"

8. Vader defeats Davey Boy Smith via pinfall "Vader was crazy dominant last year. I watched on scramble vision in my basement. Harley Race bodyslamming Diana Hart was a nice surprise."

Quarter Finals

9. Brian Pillman defeats Bret Hart via pinfall "Crowd was MOLTEN!!!"

X. Yokozuna receives bye to Semis

10. Jushin Liger defeats Mr. Perect via pinfall "This was tasty. Perfect and Liger's long locks were going everywhere."

11. Vader defeats Marty Jannetty via pinfall "Total squash. What was that powder on Marty's face??"

Semi Finals

12. Brian Pillman defeats Yokozuna via countout "Pillman's dropkick sent Yokozuna off the apron! Thought he died. Couldn't answer the count. Crowd is loving this Pillman run"

13. Jushin Liger defeats Vader via disqualifcation "Harley Race was wearing a too tight Liger mask but got BUSTED trying to hit Jushin with a crowbar. Vader was furious"


14. Brian Pillman defeats Jushin Liger via pinfall "Five stars!! Dave, you gotta agree, right, man? Liger's mask was ripped. Pillman's nose was busted. This was a great way to end the night. Now I just got to figure out where I parked .."

Jessie's Tournament

Held in Denver, Colorado

Breakdown: WWF 8, WCW 7, New Japan 1

Opening Round

Match #1: (no. 1) Bret Hart (*2nd v. (no. 16) Rick Steiner (WWF Tag Team Champion)(*3rd)

Result - Kicking off this year's tourney, last year's winner is more aggressive than we're used to seeing him; almost bullying Rick with hard shots to the face and vicious kicks.  Steiner doesn't take that for long though and fires back with a barrage of suplexes.  Bret fires back and dishes out his very own flying bulldog off the 2nd rope for a near fall.  In the end, The Hitman just outsmarted his opponent when Rick hooked in a German suplex and before the 3 count, Hart got his shoulder up on and Rick did not.  

Time of Match: 7:18

Match #2: (Alternate) Brian Pillman v. (no. 14) Jerry Lawler (*3rd)

Result - Pillman went on the attack but Lawler was eager to trade blows; not much of a match, honestly, with a lot of punches being swung.  Pillman brought some comedy into the match by grabbing Lawler's crown and cape and wearing it in the ring as Lawler attacked him, sending his ridiculous costume flying.  Lawler snatched the scepter from Pillman and bashed him with it but the ref caught it and dq'd Lawler.

Time of Match: 4:34

Match #3: (no. 5) Yokozuna (WWF Champion)(w/ Mr. Fuji) v. (no. 12) Dustin Rhodes (WCW US Champion) 

Result - The match was all about pacing; Yoko was constantly trying to slow it down as Dustin was trying to keep it high.  He succeeded in points, but Yoko's mass was too much for him.  He eventually squashed The Natural in the corner then hit the Banzai Drop for the win.

Time of Match: 11:14

Match #4: (no. 7) Lex Luger(*2nd) v. (no. 10) Scott Steiner (WWF TAg TEam Champion)(*2nd)

Result - Both men matched up well with power moves- after kickouts on both a running elbow (luger) and twisting powerbomb (scott), Luger hit a powerslam and got the pin 

Time of Match: 14:00

Match #5: (no. 8) Rick Rude(*2nd) v. (no. 9) Mr. Perfect

Result - There was a certain air of respect amongst these two men before the match started.  Perfect, wrestling in his first World Cup, aimed to impress and was highly nimble, bouncing around Rude with chops and dropkicks like he was 10 years younger.  Rude did eventually catch him with a well time knee to the gut and slowed the match down.  Perfect, now a face, mounted a great comeback that stopped short of winning him the match- instead, Rude got a cheap eye rake in and tried a cradle pin holding Perfect's tights; but Perfect reversed it and held the tights of Rude's trunks on his legs where the ref had no eyeline and secured the pin! 

Time of Match: 10:09

Match #6: (no. 6) Ric Flair (WCW International Champion)(*3rd) v. (ALTno. 21) Jushin Liger

Result - It certainly was an odd styles clash but Flair gave him every respect.  Liger actually took quite a bit of the match, surprising Flair at every turn with fast paced moves, martial arts strikes and technical reversals.  Flair even said to the ref at one point "This kid can do it all!"  Some heavier moves were traded as this wound into the later minutes and Liger looked to have an upset win in his grasp as he laid out Natch and went up for a moonsault: he missed and came down hard on his knee and then the Master went to work; damaging Liger's knee repeatedly until he got the submission in his patented Figure Four.   

Time of the Match: 12:56

Match #7: (no. 4) Sting(*3rd) v. (no. 13) Marty Jannetty

REsult - Both men came out in colorful garb with Marty having rainbow colored tassels everywhere and Sting wearing navy blue pants with white boots.  But, for Marty, the fun stopped there.  He got a few shots in but Sting really took no damage and won handily with a Stinger splash and a needless Scorpion for the submission.  

Time of the Match: 3:35

Match #8: (no. 2) Vader (WCW Champion)(*2nd) v. (no. 15) Davey Boy Smith

 Result - Davey came in with some fire as these two were rivals for part of the year and he never could get over on Vader.  He showed off that enormous strength as the WCW Champoin was reeling.  But, getting distracted by Harley Race had already cost him so many matches, you'd think Davey would learn his lesson.  It allowed the kodiak bear control; but in an impressive feat of strength, Davey caught Vader in a corner splash and hit his running powerslam for a very close 3 count.  In what proved to be his fatal error, Davey leaped up on Vader's shoulders and got powerbombed into the mat; for good measure, the Mastadon did it again to pin the Bulldog and advance. 

Time of Match: 13:00

Quarter Finals

Match #9: Bret Hart beat Brian Pillman

Result: This was a fairly evenly worked amateur type match at the beginning but Pillman made the mistake of slapping the spit out of the Hitman's mouth; so, Bret turned it on and didn't let up, eventually trapping the high flyer in his Sharpshooter submission for the win in a decent match.

Time of Math: 9:09 

Match #10: Yokozuna defeated Lex Luger 

Result: In a very reminiscent bout from Round 1, Lex Luger, a solid babyface, had not been able to beat his foe Yoko during the summer and now looked for revenge.  And again, he didn't learn the lessons already taught to him.  He leveled the big man up to around 75% defeated and even slammed the giant sumo but got distracted when Fuji pulled Luger's foot out with a cane as he tried a second body slam and Yoko landed on top for the win.   

Time of Match: 10:11

Match #11: Ric Flair submitted Mr. Perfect 

Result: Flair wrestled much smarter this time around, targeting Perfect's knees for the majority of the bout.  Perfect tried keeping him off them and even locked in his own Figure Four at one point but Flair honed in on that target area and wouldn't let up; he knew Perfect was in trouble once he tried to lift Natch up for a suplex and couldn't hold both of their weight.  Flair dropped a knee into the back of his leg and strapped on the Figure Four for another big win. 

Time of Match: 14:03

Match #12: Sting pinned Vader 

Result: What can you say about these two?  They had wars in the past and it looked like this would continue.  Sting took it to Vader like no one else ever had- and controlled, nigh, dominated the Mastadon for the first 8 minutes.  Finally, when picking Vader up for a suplex, Race nabbed his foot and Sting let go of the move.  Vader pounced.  He later ripped off the top buckle and was able to toss Stinger into it, ripping open his forehead.  Sting looked in trouble as the match wore, with Vader strapping on a bear hug that nearly sapped the life out of Sting.  But, he perservered.  As Vader hit a backwards splash out of the turnbuckle, Race instructed him to go up further; Sting stopped him and and hit a Samoan Drop off the top in a crazy spot.  Then he hit around 5 Stinger Splashes and went for a Scorpin but Vader still had power and kicked him back into the buckle, even up on the second.  Vader then climbed up outside and stood overtop his bloody opponent; He seemed to be attempting a, no, no way, a powerbomb off the top rope but Sting punched his face over and over until Vader looked dazed and hit a standing superplex from the top then lifelessly rolled over and it was enough to beat the big man and move onto his 3rd semifinal in as many years.

Time of Match: 19:45

Semi Finals

Match #12: Bret Hart beat Yokozuna

Result: Bret won last year and knows what it takes to make it to the end but he saw a tall task in front of him.  Yoko seemed a bit gassed from his last match but didn't let that slow him down.  He charged Bret immediately but missed and the Hitman went to work on his legs.  Yoko showed toughness though and hit a huge side suplex that put him in the driver's seat for a while.  Yoko repeatedly went to that corner splash and hit it twice and nearly stole the match.  After the second time, he went up top for the Banzai but Bret moved at the last second.   With Yoko dazed, Bret scaled up to the top and came off with a Bulldog headlock and got the win to move on to his second finals in two years!

Time of Match: 16:50

Match #13: Ric Flair beat Sting

Result: This match had the fans buzzing; both men were good guys in WCW and had this mutual respect; but they went through all of their old spots like they were still wrestling every single week in the 80's.   in the end, the match didn't end with one of these titans submitting to the other's finishing hold; it came almost as a fluke: Sting had Flair set up on the ground and came off the top rope with a huge splash; but when he hit, he busted his knee on the mat hard: Flair absorbed the shock of the splash but was able to cradle Sting up as he held his knee and get a quick 3 to move on.  

Time of Match: 21:05



Match #14: Ric Flair beat Bret Hart 

Result: There was both resepct and fire in both men's eyes as the match started.  This was an extremely old school match that was maybe not as exciting as a lot of other matches in this tournament.  Both men grabbed a body part and went to work wearing it down.  The more entertaining battle was in the stands; the crowd was split evenly, cheering one fan favorite and booing the other.  Both men got on their signature submission hold for a time and pressed hard to win.  With both men wounded (Hart's knee, Flair's back), a pivotal exchanged ended the match when Bret landed a series of clotheslines and missed the last one, when Flair viciously took out his knee with a chop block and rolled him up tightly to get the huge win! 

Time of the Match: 24:54

Didge's Tournament

Match #1- Bret Hart v. Rick Steiner

Steiner out the blocks early but Bret slows him down with some ground holds and never let's him up. Brets small package wins it in16 minutes. ***

Match #2- Jerry Lawler v. Brian Pillman

Pillman seems uninterested, don't blame him.

Lawler controls the action and puts on a snooze fest. Lawler wins with the fist drop from the second rope. Pullman wanted to be anywhere but here. 12 minutes 1/2*

Match #3- Yokozuna v. Dustin Rhodes

Just like all challengers to Yoko, Dustin come in hot and hits a brick wall that is a Yokozuna saviat kick. Dustin never gets back off the mat when hit with leg drops. Banzai drop at 11 minutes ends it. **

Match #4- Lex Luger v. Scott Steiner

Very competitive match with both men showing out. Think Scotty had the advantage slightly in speed. Lex ducks under a frankensteiner and hits a running forearm for the 3. 11 minutes **1/4

Match #5- Rick Rude v. Mr. Perfect

Actually a very fast paced match with Perfect mostly coming out on top in the exchanges. Rude has a fit on the floor in frustration. Rude takes some shortcuts but Perfect wasn't having it. Perfect-plex for the win in 18 minutes. ***3/4

Match #6- Ric Flair v. Jushin Liger

Most interesting match of the night with Flair trying to keep up with Thunders high flying style. Ric "Flair" flop sells Ligers palm strike, its beyond entertaining. Ric with some classic mat work for bout ten minutes till Ligers firery comeback. Flair awkward sell on a Liger Bomb for the upset win. 19 minutes ***1/2

Match #7- Sting v. Marty Jannetty

Stinger make quick work of Jannetty, no selling all of Marty's offense. Taps to Scorpion deathlock. 5 minutes. Move along people, nothing to see here. *

Match #8- Big Van Vader v. Davey Boy Smith

Davey stands toe to toe with the big man early. Anyone else Bulldog wins that exchange...not this one. Vader dishes out a hellacious beating. Vader powerbomb put Davey to sleep. 13 minutes. ***1/2

Quarter Finals 

Bret Hart vs. Big Van Vader

Bret's not ready for Vader's combination of speed and power. Rock v Clubber Lang 1 comes to mind as Vader makes quick work of Bret and a Vader Bomb off the ropes stuns Bret and the crowd in 10 minutes. Bret leaves hurt and bewildered. **3/4

Jerry Lawler vs. Sting

Sting exposes and embarrasses Lawler at every turn. Doesn't take long for frustration to set in as Lawler literally tucks tale and runs out the building in 7 minutes. Sting advances via countout. *

Yokozuna vs. Justin Liger

Poor Liger never had a chance as Yokozuna no sells everything. A Liger spinning heel kick wakes up the big man who violently hits a belly to belly for the finish. 3 minutes. *1/2

Lex Luger vs. Mr. Perfect

I'll never get tired of Henning's leg kick spot in the ropes. Perfect is overselling all of Lex's strikes, making him look like a million bucks worth of steroids in a box delivered on Vince McMahon's doorstep. Lex wins with another running forearm in 16 minutes. **

Semi Finals

Big Van Vader vs. Lex Luger

Vader tries to make Lex's feet touch the back of his head on the ground. Doesn't come close. Lex don't bend. Luger has some flashes of offense but never gets Vader in any real danger. Powerbomb makes Lex go splat. In 10 minutes **1/4

Sting vs. Yokozuna 

Sting dips and dodges Yokozuna's lariat's and hits a dropkick to Yoko's mush mouth. Yokozuna know he's in for a challenge. Stinger actually holding his own till he misses Yokozuna with a Stinger Splash on the outside guardrail. Yoko then dishes out amazing bodily damage to Stingers mid section. Sting spits up blood as he get destroyed by a violent banzai drop at the 20 minute mark. ****


Big Van Vader vs. Yokozuna 

Big man spots a plenty! This is a slugfest as no one has ever seen either man meet a physical equal. Vader's lariat makes Yoko take a dangerous bump threw the ropes too the floor. Both men miss their finishers off the ropes. Vader cant get his arms around Yokozuna's waist for the powerbomb. Yoko takes advantage with a belly to belly that blows out windows 10 blocks away. Banzai drop for the win.  18 minutes ****

Winner: Yokozuna 

Chris' Tournament

The 93 Vortex Invitational Cup

Bret “ The Hitman” Hart Vs. Rick Steiner

Hitman weathers an early suplex storm from Steiner and begins strategically working the leg of Steiner. Hitman’s brutal efficiency leaves Steiner unable to mount a comeback as he goes for a huge avalanche belly to belly his leg gives out and he falls from the top turnbuckle. Hart drops a second rope elbow and wraps Steiner up in a Sharpshooter. The Dog Faced Gremlin is forced to tap. 10:47
3.5 Vs

Jerry “The King” Lawler Vs. Brian Pillman

Pillman runs circles around the out of shape Lawler, but Lawler’s shenanigans are too much for the high flying Pillman. Pillman goes up for a top rope dropkick, Lawler seizes the opportunity and pulls the referee in front of himself. Once the ref is out lawler goes full on Ken Griffey Jr. with a steel chair and takes Pillman’s head off. Lawler wakes the ref and gets the 3 count on a likely concussed Pillman. 11:27

Yokozuna Vs. Dustin Rhodes

Rhodes makes the mistake of trying to stand toe to toe with the much larger man and while at first his strikes land hard and send the Sumo falling backwards into the ropes. Yokozuna uses that momentum for a shoulder block knocking Rhodes to the ground where with surprising speed Yokozuna follows with an immediate Leg Drop. From there Yokozuna slowly crushes Rhodes using his massive weight to keep the Natural off his feet. Rhodes shows a ton of heart with continued kick outs, but eventually a Banzai Drop puts an end to the Natural.

Lex Luger Vs. Scott Steiner

The two men hit each other with powermoves and hard hitting strikes. Steiner is obviously the technically superior athlete in this matchup and begins countering Luger’s every move with huge suplexes. Steiner hits a bridging german and gets a questionably close 2.9 count. As he argues with the referee Luger recovers and just as Steiner turns back to business Luger hits the running forearm and puts the younger Steiner down for the 3 count. 12.16

Rick Rude Vs. Mr. Perfect

Rude and Perfect go hold for hold, and strike for strike as they vie for the upperhand. Neither man gave an inch. As the match wears on both men attempt their respective finishers, both men counter. As the match enters it’s final minute Rude hits a nasty piledriver. Perfect is motionless. Rude has trouble lifting the deadweight up into position for the Rude Awakening and instead opts for placing Henning on the top turnbuckle. Rude pulls Perfect's head down, suspending him from the top turnbuckle onto Rude’s shoulder. The hips girate and Rude brings Henning down with a top turnbuckle rude awakening for the 3 count. 19:37

Ric Flair Vs. Jushin Liger

Flair is overwhelmed by the speed and ferocity of the younger and quicker Liger, who starts strong hitting flair with slams, kicks and dives. Flair rolls out putting distance between the two men. Liger dives over the top rope as Flair catches his breath, and the two begin to brawl on the outside. Flair gains the upper hand as he is the more seasoned brawler and once the action returns to the ring he begins methodically taking out the leg of Liger. Liger bounces back and hitting flair with a German Suplex, then to the top rope for the shooting star. Liger’s leg gives out as he stands to hit the high flying move. Flair seeing the opening begins landing strikes to the leg stretched out across the top rope, then hits an avalanche dragon screw. Liger writhes in pain for the leg screw, Flair capitalizes and wraps him up in a figure 4. Liger is forced to tap at 18:52

Sting Vs. Marty Jannetty

This is a total squash match that should have been on a saturday morning show. Sting made everyone remember that Janetty is a jobber and submitted the lesser of the rockers in 5:15

Big Van Vader Vs. Davey Boy Smith

This is a hard hitting power contest. Vader smashes and Slams the Bulldog around the ring, but Smith gives as good as he gets and fires back at the monster. Multiple times getting the big man up for body slams. A match highlight is Smith holding Vader up in the stalling vertical suplex while the crowd counted the 10 count. The move however took as much wind from Smith as it did from Vader, and after kicking out of the pin attempt Vader took control back and began a series of vicous clubbing strikes, leading to A Vader Bomb followed by a Vader Sault, the ref counts 1……..2………..Vader lifts Davey Boy’s shoulder off the mat and gives Bulldog another Vader Bomb finally finishing the powerhouse off. 16:32


Round 2

Bret “The Hitman” Hart VS. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Bret completely outclasses Lawler and wrestles circles around “The King” Lawler spills to the outside to escape the tactician that was picking him apart and gets distracted sexually harassing a hot chick in the front row. Hitman wins by count out 7:33

Yokozuna VS Lex Luger

Luger charges Yokozuna right at the start and is shoulder checked out of the ring for his efforts.Fuji takes a few cheap shots on Luger while Yoko distracts the ref. Yoko is on Luger the second he rolls back in and begins dismantling Luger using his massive size and strength to smash and squeeze the life out of Lex. Luger rebounds for a few minutes of offense complete with body slamming the enormous girth of Yokozuna. Yoko kicks out and Luger continues his attack. Luger hits the ropes going for the running forearm (why is he still using his heel finisher as a face? The whole point of the forearm is the steel plate in there that was knocking people out. Doesn’t seem very face-like to me.) Yoko counters with a giant size super kick, Bonzai drop and it’s over.

Rick Rude VS Ric Flair

This match comes out of the gate hard. Both men’s animosity for the other showing in stiff strikes and an extended outside the ring brawl that has both men bleeding. The match continues aggressive and stiff. Rude continues working Flair’s cut who is not wearing the proverbial crimson mask. Flair catches rude showboating and pulls his legs out from under him, latching in the Figure 4. Rude turns it over and Flair struggles to the ropes. Flair gets the rope break but isn’t moving. Rude drags Flair to the middle of the ring holding both of Flairs legs up, he girates for the ladies, and slaps the figure four onto an unconscious Flair. Flair doesn’t move as he appears to be out from loss of blood. Ref stoppage at 23:57

Sting VS Big Van Vader

Sting jumps on Vader before the bell rings and the two trade stiff attacks and power moves for some time before spilling outside where Sting slides multiple tables into the ring. Sting takes control hitting a Stinger splash through a table, but Vader kicks out. Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock but Vader kicks him off and begins hammering the Stinger with stiff forearms and punches, leading to a Vader Bomb through a table. Vader is slow to cover giving Sting enough recovery time that he is able to kick out. Vader drags Sting towards the corner where he Vader Bombs Sting intot the turnbuckle, followed with a Vader Splash. Sting Kicks out! Another Vader Bomb finally puts Sting away at 25:02

Semi Finals

Bret Hart VS Yokozuna

Hart starts fast with a running low dropkick taking the leg out from under Yokozuna and Hart doesn’t let the bigman up for the next 10 minutes. Hitman works the leg with various holds, and drops. The big man can’t control Hitman while he’s being grounded by the technical assault. Hart makes a mistake going for the sharpshooter before Yoko is fully ready and gets kicked out of the ring. Yokozuna comes back now but is visibly favoring his leg, this causes his movement to slow and his offense to have less impact. Yokozuna hits a belly to belly and drags Hart to the corner for the Bonzai Drop. Hart was playing possum and pops up to his feet and onto the second rope where he Russian Leg Sweeps the Sumo to the mat, followed with a second rope (the most dangerous rope) elbow drop. Yokozuna kicks out, tossing Hart back to his feet where Hart proceeds to work the leg again, wrapping Yokozuna into the figure four leg lock using the ring post. Once back in the ring Hitman struggles to lock in the Sharpshooter and instead opts for hooking the legs and bridging over the big man, pinning Yokozuna at 17:43
4 Vs

Rick Rude VS Big Van Vader

Vader charges Rude at the bell and dominates the opening minutes of the bout. Rude battles back but is fighting from his back foot the entire match. He never appears completely
comfortable handling the big man’s intensity. Everything Rude throws at Vader is shrugged off within seconds as Vader dominates the bout. Vader wins with a Vader Bomb 15:36


Bret “The Hitman” Hart VS Big Van Vader

Hitman has already defeated one monster this tournament and adopts a similar strategy by initiating the bout with a basement drop kick and then working the leg in a methodical mat technician master class. At times it appeared as if Hart were teaching a class in the Dungeon. Around the 10 minute mark Vader gets a rope break and rolls outside where he rages, throwing chairs, turning over the announcer and time keeper tables, destroying the guard rail. Just as Vader begins harassing the young boy Hitman gave his trademark sunglasses to, Hitman spins Vader around and plants one of the best punches in wrestling into Vader’s jaw. Vader shrugs it off and slaps himself a few times for good measure. Hitman has awoken the monster. Vader gives Hitman a right hand of his own, Hart does not shrug it off but instead hits the ground hard. At this point the ref has given up counting and is trying to bring the two men back in the ring. Vader is having none of his shit, and continues pummeling Hart outside the ring. The brawl culminates in a Vader Bomb through a table. Vader tosses the lifeless Hitman back in the ring and as he approaches Hart rolls the bigman up into a small package…..2.9! Vader kicks out and turns right into another stiff assault. Vader hits a series of big power moves, leading to the Vader Sault……….2.75! Hitman kicks out! Vader complains to the ref about a slow count, and as he reaches out to grab the Referee, Hart wraps Vader’s arm into an Armbar, then a full on arm captured triangle choke. Vader is fading when he begins punching himself in the face over and over, each punch giving him more life and anger until he’s standing with Hart still holding the submission manuevar. Vader lifts The Hitman above his head and slams him to the ground in a modified powerbomb counter. Hitman still has the hold locked in. Again Vader lifts and bombs the Hitman back down. Hitman still holds on! Vader is fading and he falls to one knee. Yet again Vader lifts the Hitman up and brings him down hard on the back of his head with another bomb. This time The Hitman falls limp. Vader hits The Vader Bomb…….1…….2…..3!
Vader wins with the Vader Bomb at 29:23