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My earliest wrestling memory I was likely 4-5 and it was WWF Saturday Night Main Event around '86-'87 and Hogan was main-eventing against a Samoan guy.  I just remember seeing a promo where the Samoan had a giant loaf of bread he was biting into.  Ever since I have memories the rest of my life wrestling has been a constant.  I love MMA, lucha, puro, mainstream and indy American, old stuff and new, there's pretty much no wrestling I wouldn't kick back with friends and watch.  My favorites are "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Brian Pillman, and I also love Too Cold Scorpio, Owen Hart, Rey Mysterio, Low Ki, Evan Tanner, Young Bucks, Viscera, and Andre the Giant to name a few.  I knife-edge and open-hand chopped CZW owner DJ Hyde at a 2012 show and appeared directly behind New Jack in his outside the arena promo at ECW Heatwave '98 where he was attacked by the Dudleys and Jack Victory -- those are (a few of) my wrestling claims to fame.