Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Survivor Series '04

1 Rey Mysterio v. Kidman v. Chavo v. Spike- 5
2 Shelton Benjamin v. Christian- 6
3 Kurt Angle/ Mark Jindrak/ Luther Reigns/ Carlito v. Eddie Guerrero/ Big Show/ John Cena/ RVD( Classic Survivor Series Match)- 4
4 Heidenreich v. Undertaker- 4
5 Lita v. Trish Stratus- 1
6 JBL v. Booker T- 5
7 HHH/ Batista/ Edge/ Snitsky v. Randy Orton/ Chris Benoit/ Chris Jericho/ Maven( Classic Survivor Series Match)- 5

Okay, this was a decent show. I wasn't really looking forward to it because over the last few years, Survivor Series has really sucked. The four way was better than most cruiserweight four ways but I don't like Spike, even though he looked pretty good here. Shelton and Christian both performed like they still cared, now they're just trying to impress a Diva and maybe some nerds who read their My Space. Team Angle v. Team Guerrero was reminiscent of an old Survivor Series match for a little bit, but the sides got really uneven and it turned into a comedy bit for Angle to get trapped. Before the match even started, Cena chased Carlito and his bodyguard in the blue pants out to the parking lot and he whipped that guys' ass! He was given him some good ole' Idahos all over the face area.

Taker and Little Johnny wrestled a long, slow plodding match like watching a cow chew cud. But, it wasn't all that horrible. There were a few good sequences, and Taker had his dancing shoes on because he knew he would be leading. Lita v. Trish was over before it began but did feature a sick ass chair shot to Trish. Oh, JBL, how you claim to be a wrestling (dramatic pause) God, yet your title programs were so un-cool. Nah, I'm kidding you, I love Booker T, but he was a midcarder at best at this time. Nevertheless, they managed to kickstart a decent match that didn't have much heat. The main event featuring Maven( my friend Steve regarded that as pointless as a clit piercing) Well, seeing him get blasted with a chair was about as fun as that extra vaginal accessory. The match was going pretty good, but then Benoit got taken out first. I lost some excitement watching it after that, but it picked up near the end and had a clean finish, which was surprising. All in all, one of the better Series I've viewed in a while.

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