Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lucha de Campiones DVD

1 Lola Gonzalez v. Lady Victoria- 4- Why a four you may ask? Well, it wasn't that I'd want to take either of these ladies out for a Friday evening. Victoria, I'd be afraid would jump into the nearest Chevy Van that held a taco out for her, and Lola would kick my ass, and eat more than I could afford. This was a match that wasn't good, really by any means, but I laughed more and was entertained more than by anything put on national TV by someone with the last name McMahon(that includes you, HHH)

2 Tinieblas jr./ Espectro jr./ Hurrican Ramirez jr. V. Psicosis/ Halloween/ Damian 666- 3- There were some decent strikes in this match but aside from that , there wasn't a lot to it. The heels were kind of hated, and the faces were not really cheered, and Damian did prove that Mexican men age worse than any other because he was as useless as an extra ball sack.

3 Super Porky/ Villano III/ Dos Caras v. PG Cobarde/ Misterioso/ Cadaver de Ultratumba- 1- This was a disaster. I really can't see why WWE wouldn't keep Porky around. He was entertaining( he farted on his opponents) and he bumped about as much as JBL. Can't figure that one out. Villano III showed why he's so well regarded, even in middle age but seeing a guy called Cadaver out there, and there was this little midget who looked like a snow blown Ewok that was just creepy beyond all belief.

4 Mil Mascaras/ Rayo de Jalisco/ Tinieblas con Alache v. Apolo Dantes/ Scorpio jr./ Rey Misterio- 3- A slow match with the only real highlights being seeing Mascaras still be able to get off the ground.

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