Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ECW TV- Week 4

1 Mike Knox v. Little Guido- 3
2 Test v. Al Snow- 2
3 Big Show v. RVD- 6

Kelly Kelly, you're so fine, you're such a slutty waste of time, go Kelly! Guido's offense was zilch and Knox hit one good move. Why is Heyman so high on him? Test and Snow was briefly stiff, thus at least garnering a small number. And the surprise of the show: DeVito claiming to have never been at an ECW show? CM Punk making it to the main stage? Joey Styles wearing a red, white and blue handkerchief? NO, silly rabbit, Big Show had a great match! He and RVD played to Show's strengths and the match was pretty good. The fans even chanted ECW, ECW, after a Show superplex from the second rope that was swank. Albeit the screw job finish, it was worth the time.

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