Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lucha de Campeones DVD

A lucha libre DVD on the discount rack at Wal-Mart? Should be a steal, right? Then again, maybe not.

1) Lola Gonzalez vs. Lady Victoria – 3 – This match wasn’t half bad but it wasn’t really that great either. Lola is probably a bartender at a border cantina in between gigs and Lady Victoria probably blows her boyfriend who was at ringside in between gigs. There were some pretty cool moves but overall, it was a stinker. The funny fact is it was at least better than some of the women’s matches in WWE recently.

2) Tinieblas Jr., Espectro Jr., & Huracan Ramirez Jr. vs. Damien 666, Halloween, & Psicosis – 2 – The remaining matches are all best of three falls, which is the tradition in lucha libre six-man bouts. This match was so convoluted that I lost track of who was on who’s team by the time the third fall rolled around. The ring action was subpar to say the least. While watching this, I did get a little bit of an education on who Tinieblas Jr was. There were no trademark lucha libre dives and, well, it just plain sucked.

3) Super Porky, Villano III, & Dos Caras vs. P.G. Cobarde, Misterioso, & Cadaver de Ultratumba – 1 – Damn, it just seems to go from bad to worse. Aside from Super Porky, I have no idea who any of these guys are. This match was nothing but a big steaming pile of dog shit. Super Porky was super shitty and that’s about the only thing I remember.

4) Mil Mascaras, Rayo de Jalisco, & Tinieblas Sr. vs. Apolo Dantes, Scorpio Jr., & Rey Misterio Sr. – 2 – This featured some certifiable legends of Mexico here. The trio with Mascaras had an Ewok in their corner which we laughed at the whole match. Anyway, aside from seeing legends like Mascaras, Tinieblas, and Rey Sr. in action, this capped off 90 minutes of shitty wrestling with what else … shitty wrestling. The sad thing is the Ewok was the most enjoyable part of the match.

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Jessie said...

i still have haunting visions of that little Ewok thing