Sunday, July 30, 2006

NWA Great American Bash '87

( a side note: I used to rent this tape as a kid and I was marveled at it then, and was really looking forward to revisiting it.)

1 4 Horsemen(Flair/ Anderson/ Blanchard/ Luger) & JJ Dillon v. Dusty Rhodes/ Nikita Koloff/ Road Warriors/ Paul Ellering- War Games- 8- You couldn't bribe a crowd with enough sex and money to make them scream like this one! It was unbelievable. And all the performers fed off it. There was blood, great punches, beatdowns, and brutal cage shots. All these guys really put on a great and classic match. Find it if you love wrestling.

2 Barry Windham v. Rick Steiner- 4- This was clipped but hard hitting and fast paced. Both guys were in their prime and definitely were not riding four wheelers at the age of forty something or arguing with a killer doll.

3 Lex Luger v. Nikita Koloff( Steel Cage)- 6- One of Luger's finest hours and Nikita's. The crowd was really into this match too and they both took their game up a notch.

4 Dick Murdoch v. Steve Williams( Texas Death)- 3- Another clipped match but when these two boys get in there, you know someone's getting a goose egg. Exactly as hard hitting as you would think.

5 Freebirds v. Ivan Koloff/ Manny Fernandez/ Paul Jones- 2- This was shorter than Buddy Roberts. Or Michaels Hayes singing career, whatever cheap shot you prefer.

6 Dusty Rhodes v. Tully Blanchard( Barb Wire Ladder Match)- 4- There wasn't a lot of action in this one, all the extras got in the way, but you can bet there was blood. Tully was dressed like a bad extra on a bad western( how about Lonesome Dove-the TV show?) and Dusty was the spokesman for fat gays scared to come out of the closet.

7 Ric Flair v. Jimmy Garvin( Steel Cage- NWA Title v. Precious)-6- Probably one of Garvin's finest matches. Flair made him look like a million bucks covered in chocolate and supermodels. It went at least twenty mintues too. Some great near cage escapes and of course, a Flair ass shot.

8 Midnight Express v. Rock n' Roll Express- 6- This may go down as one of the finest tag feuds in all of wrestling. This was a good match, good tags, good double teams and good psych, but I know they've had better.

9 Four Horsemen/ War Machine v. Road Warriors/ Dusty Rhodes/ Nikita Koloff/ Paul Ellering( War Games II- The Bomb)- 7- Another stellar match that showcased more brutality and bloody foreheads. They switched the order up in this one, showing that they had faith in all the talent involved. Usually when you see a War Games, you can predict the order of entry, but they changed it. I applaud them for that.

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