Thursday, July 13, 2006

Performer Analysis: Amazing Red Red, or Amazing Red, or El Rojo, or Airwalk Spriggun, or Fuego Guerrero, or Red Misterio, or Spriggun( this guy has more names than Terry Taylor!) was trained by Mikey Whipwreck, along with the SAT's, and debuted in 2000. He's one of the smallest pros wrestlers today, at 5'6 and 147 lbs. He is now a six year pro who has captured belts in ROH and TNA.

1) Innovation- 6- Red boasts a move list longer than most wrestler's resumes. He has the Infared, the Code Red, the Red Alert, the Red Eye, the Raging Red, the Bed Head Red, or any other clich'd Red named move, but they are all innovative and unique. His small size allows him to execute moves most men could not and this has gained him so notoriety.

2) Conditioning- 6- I haven't seen him in a really long match, but he's been in some wars with Low Ki and AJ Styles and has endured with great wind and stamina. I think his small body allows him to keep up the pace of a match quicker and longer than most could simply because of the breath his frame affords him.

3) Ring Skill- 7- For such a young competitor( he's only been a pro for six years) he has great presence in a ring. He knows where to come off the top and what exactly he can do right. He tries a lot of things, and granted some do not work, but if you don't try, you will never know. He has good selling ability and can take a decent bump. But, as with most younger guys, he takes bump after bump or performs high spots one right after the other without putting any thought into the psychology of them.

4) Character- 3- Red is still very young, and I've seen maybe one or two matches where the psychology was there. He should slow down once in a while and watch around him, see how the fans react and figure out how he should be reacting to the moves performed on him. He's weak in this category. And as far as character, he doesn't really have one.

5) Interviews- 0- I have never seen him cut one and in this day and age, when everybody that gets a push gets a microphone in his or her hand, he should.

6) Face/ Heel- 3- To my knowledge, he has worked mostly as face, and a little as heel, but his performances never changed. That's a problem. You need to know of the things you do, what works better as a face and what works better as a heel. He still has a ways to go in this category.
7) Basics- 4- Red knows his basics, I've seen some evidence of that and has some really cool looking kicks. And he definitely knows how to transition from spot to spot and make it look smooth, but he doesn't know what to do in between. I've seen so many matches where guys just sloppily punch or kick each other in between their crazy new moves they do, and that doesn't work. Don't think about the next thing you are going to do, do the thing you are doing so well, the fans will already be wondering what the next thing you are going to do will be.

8) Fan Reaction- 4- Red has a following in TNA, ROH, and Japan, but he's still young and has not found that tool that could make him a break through star. He needs to have a character and project a certain attitude. Red just works and that's fine if that's all you want to do in this business is be a body.

9) Match/ Opponent Diversity- 3- Red has traveled to Japan, which I think is great for any wrestler, especially the younger ones. It's a different style and one that is good to try, and he has worked most of the young good and bad independent talent available today, so he has a good start, but I couldn't name a single program that he's had that was at least given any time or effort by a promoter.

10) Gutcheck- 5- this is always a hard category to rate. I'll usually go halfway if a wrestler seems to care and puts off to me that they enjoy being out there. In 2003, Red suffered a career threatening knee injury, but he had the surgery and came back and gutted it out in this tough, tough business. I look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

The PO: Thumbs Middle
Final Score: 41-

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