Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lucha De Campeones DVD

1. Lola Gonzalez vs. Lady Victoria - 3
2. Tineblas Jr., Espectro Jr., and Huracan Ramirez Jr. vs. Damien 666, Halloween, and Psicosis - 4
3. Super Porky, Villano III, and Dos Caras vs. P.G. Cobarde, Misterioso, and Cadaver de Ultratumba - 2
4. Mil Mascaras, Rayo de Jalisco, and Tineblas vs. Apolo Dantes, Scorpio Jr., and Rey Misterio - 3

This was a DVD my amigo Adam found in a discount pile at a fascist Wal-Mart. He had no idea of its origin, and even sought out information from the God of wrestling journalism Dave Meltzer, who was also summarily stumped and equally clueless. It maintains balancing between being utterly horrible and unimaginably fascinating. It’s easily some of the worst Mexican wrestling I’ve ever seen; yet, I’d still prefer it to the majority of its American counterpart.

I think we all enjoyed the opener more than we expected. One of the girls looked like a raver/mall shopper/pregnant/junkie and her opponent looked like her tired Mother. They busted out some semi-decent looking armdrags and ran the ropes admirably, and put on arguably the best actual match of the show. Still, as morbidly entertaining as it was, neither of these women would last one week in Japan’s women’s wrestling scene – there they’d likely have their teeth kicked out and skulls crushed by fluent suplexes and the ridiculously cute hairstyles of their foreign opponents.

The second match I rated highest, even though it was largely awful and halfhearted. I gave it the charity points, though; because the heels were so lovable in their being complete dicks and Halloween had the most legit looking strikes of any wrestler featured on the DVD. The third match was absolutely horrible – filled with loads of unfunny comedy spots, tame brawling, and void of any actual effort or emotion. The main event is significant in only that it featured some Mexican legends; sadly, most of them wrestled better matches than this in their sleep two decades ago. After the complete bastardization of Mascaras, Dantes, and Misterio we bid this horrifying DVD farewell.

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