Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pinkie Sanchez vs. Drew Blood

Pinkie Sanchez vs. Drew Blood - CZW Decade of Destruction - 10th Anniversary - 3

Wait, what's this? Pinkie comes out fired up, pissed off, and cuts an obscenity-laced promo? Drew enters slowly to old Beastie Boys? Sanchez tries to surprise him with a suicide dive but leaps out with the velocity of a grandma falling down a flight of stairs. Benoit rolls over in his grave. Drew whips Sanchez into the guardrail but Pinkie apparently had other plans and sommersaults himself over into the crowd. Out in the crowd, Drew again whips Pinkie towards the guardrail, this time, Pinkie hops up onto it, oddly tries to get his footing, all the while Blood waits patiently for Pinkie to get off his hurricanrana spot. Pinkie grabs a support beam pillar and spins around it with a kick reminiscent of a kid on a playground imitating Power Rangers: Jungle Fury. Drew's leg lariet won't cause Malenko to lose any sleep. Pinkie does what the announcer calls a "Shining Hiney". Drew does some real convoluted-looking power move, announcer says, "I don't even know what to call that!" Here's a hint: "shit". Blood does a powerbomb and kicks Sanchez in the back in mid-air on the way down. That's kind of creative, assuming he probably came up with it using his WWE action figures during a break thumbing through the newspaper looking at the job ads. They do get a pop out of me for a sick spot where Blood is standing on a table outside the ring and Sanchez does a seated senton off the top and rides Drew through the table in a wild bump. These guys aren't very big but pull off a pretty decent strike exchange, which ends with Blood quickly hoisting Sanchez up and dropping him morbidly in a tombstone for the victory. I liked the tail end of this, in spirit, but the bulk of it came off looking bush league. I think I'll stick to BJW for my garbage wrestling for now. Wait, I've got an exam in less than hour I should be studying for, why the hell am I watching Pinkie Sanchez sell his lower-back post-match?

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