Thursday, October 22, 2009

Creepier by the Dozen #5

Halloween Havoc 1993
Cactus Jack vs. Vader - Texas Death Match - 6

I love a good hardcore match and this definitely delivered. One thing to note here, after a fall there is a 30-second rest period. After the rest period, then the person who got pinned has to answer a ten count. Got it? They started right as the opening bell rang and brawled all over the ringside area. Cactus whacked Vader with a chair and they finally get to the ring. If the first few minutes of this is any indication of how wild this will be, then this is going to be tremendous. Vader busts Cactus open with a nasty shot. Great visual where a bloody, maskless Vader crawls out of his own grave in the fog after they fight down into it. This is wild. Vader gets hit with a cardboard cactus from Cactus and then nails a flying elbow off the rampway. Cactus is just bumping his ass off. Vader is holding up his end of the bargain as well. Vader goes face-first into a table and you can clearly tell that Tony Schiavone is loving this on commentary. Odd spot where Cactus dives into the crowd but hits Vader and ends up powerbombing himself. Late in the match Vader hits an ultra-ill moonsault. More brawling on the rampway leads to Jack piggybacking Vader but Vader says “oh hell no” and drops back and crushes Cactus. Finish was a bit odd where the ref is counting both men and Harley Race, who was Vader’s manager, tazes Cactus in the thigh and gives Vader the win. Fantastic hardcore brawl, and probably one of the top five WCW matches of 1993, but the finish was a little awkward. Also, once the match started heating up it seemed like the end came really fast.

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Brian said...

better matches from WCW '93 off the top of my head:

too cold vs. windham
vader vs. sting
too cold vs. benoit
flair vs. vader
steamboat/douglas vs. blondes
flair/anderson vs. blondes
austin vs. pillman
maybe jack vs. orndorff and a few of the other jack/vader bouts were up there..