Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Creepier by the Dozen #3

Halloween Havoc 1991
Terry Taylor vs. Bobby Eaton - No DQ Match - 6

These two feel each other out to start with some basic work and then spill to the outside where Eaton takes an Irish whip into the railing. A side note, 1991 was probably the biggest year that Eaton had as a singles, peaking with his only singles title win, a brief run with the TV title from May-June. Eaton gains control and throws Taylor onto the elevated rampway. Man, I loved that thing. I wish more companies would use it nowadays. Anyway, Eaton drops a sick knee from the top turnbuckle on to Taylor who’s laying on said rampway. That was pretty wild. The wildness for Eaton continues as he takes a chest-first bump into the railing and then eats a Taylor clothesline for good measure. Taylor was playing the cowardly heel here since he was part of the York Foundation stable. Back on the rampway, Taylor hits a gutwrench powerbomb. Eaton does a nice job of selling the back and barely makes it back in. Some hard gut shots follow and then Eaton whips off nice neckbreaker. Good stuff here by both guys although the crowd seemed asleep for much of it. Eaton hits his trademark top-rope legdrop for the win and a crowd pop. Nice little match from both guys with a couple wild spots on the rampway. Seek this out if you can find it.

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