Monday, October 26, 2009

Creepier by the Dozen #9

Halloween Havoc 1997
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Randy "Macho Man" Savage - Las Vegas Sudden Death Match - 6

Next to Hogan and Sting, this was the most heated rivalry in WCW in 1997. It stretched from March all the way up to this event, culminating in this match. Lots of brawling inside and outside of the ring to start but things really get good when Savage hit a double-axe handle from the top rope on Page who was on the floor. They brawled through the crowd, stopping in a mass of fans where some nimrod decided to take his shirt off to show off his flabby physique. I was Savage would’ve knocked him cold for doing something stupid like that. Eventually, they end up in front of the Halloween Havoc set where there is a mess of tombstones laying about. DDP throws Savage hard into the fake tombstones and slams him through a wooden box of somekind. I was led to believe that it was supposed to be a coffin. Dusty Rhodes in just hilarious on commentary. After Page broke a tray over Savage’s head, he remarked in a high-pitched squeal, “Brotha! He wobble-legged heeem whit dat waitress tray” (you’ll have to excuse me, I’m not that great at typing Dusty-speak). Back to the ring where a camera gets destroyed and the crowd gets all fired up. This was like a last man standing match where you had to answer a ten count to win. The teases where both men where trying to get to their feet were great and really had the crowd on the edge of their seat. Elizabeth interferes and breaks a tray over the referee’s head. She is then literally dragged by her hair backstage by Kimberly. Savage hit a nice top-rope elbow onto Page’s injured ribs. A low blow sent DDP to the outside where a Sting impostor came down and hit DDP with a bat to give Savage the win. Not as good as their match from the 1997 Great American Bash, but still worth a watch.

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