Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000

1) Christian York/ Joey Matthews v. Danny Doring/ Roadkill- 4
2) Cyrus v. Joel Gertner- 0
3) Da Baldies v. Balls Mahoney/ Chilly Willy- 2
4) CW Anderson v. Steve Corino- 4
5) FBI v. Tajiri/ Mikey Whipwreck- 4
6) Rhino v. Rob Van Dam- 5
7) Justin Credible v. Jerry Lynn- 5

Alright, let's talk about the opener, all the rope work in the first half was fluid, but the actual lockups and sequences there after were looser than Buelah's bikni tops. Doring takes a nice wipeout face first to the floor early on, damaing those movie star good looks, HAHAHAHA! I've always been a legdrop fan, here we get two back to back from the top, but Doring gets up 2 seconds after the move. York & Matthews traveled the indy world for years and have good teamwork and moves to show for it. This was worked like a competitive squash and worked better on that level than an opening tag. The next match was an abolisment of athleticism. Spike & Sandman out to interfere, working to earn a paycheck they probably never received. Our next tag is everything that's wrong with cheap heat hardcore tag fights; they're so overdone by this point Balls breaks out a fork in the first 30 seconds, now unless you're the Sheik and it's 1968 in Detroit you're not getting away with it. Balls makes the pussiest Abby ever. Did they actually just make a big spot for a cup of beer shot? I know the fans can't be that drunk. Balls waits in place as Devito sets up a slow moonsault and executes.....he looked like a polar bear committing suicide by flopping off a piece of glacier. Willy takes a gnarly powerbomb on some folding chairs though. Staplegun to face, but Styles corrects Cyrus saying it was directly in the eyelids- those glasses must have been X-ray to see that shit.

Next a No. 1 contender match, Anderson struggles to keep pace during the first few sequences, nearly slipping and wiping out (thought nowhere near as bad as Conan did) I'm really not a fan of Corino's loose punches, he winds up and then just flails his arm, that's not reality based. He's performing with confidence though and takes a nasty thrown chair to the head. Anderson hurts the arm w/o ever doing any kind of arm bar/lock! Corino jumping into these armbreaker moves like he's about do to a cannonball into the deep end of your local pool is absurd. The finish is a bastardization of any ECW finish ever, lame neckbreaker onto a steel chair.

Point of Logic: After our opening match, Simon Diamond and Swinger came out and laid out both teams then celebrated. During our No. 1 Contender match, they come back out but this time our fended off solely by Jack Victory's looping punches. Huh??????? Joey explains this all by simply saying "Jack Victory has a heck of a right hand."

I was looking forward to the next tag and while it was fun in it's own way, overall didn't give me that over achieved feeling but worked in it's place on the card. FBI was getting decimated by Tajiri's kicks and Mikey's girth. Hate the Killswitch version Guido tries here, he's already like 5'2 and he can barely hold on to the guy, just looks really fake. And so do Mamaluke's punches, you're already built like an awkward high school girl version of Napolean Dynamite, if you want to be takens seriously, learn how to throw down! I realized RVD was truly at home in ECW, the style fit him perfectly. This match had some decent story to tell where Rhino just bullies him and he can't truly be the show stealing performer he is. But he's aggressive in his selling of metal objects and such. Credible interferes (?) to bring a perfectly fine match down a notch, Rhino also needed to space out his attacks or else they don't mean much to someone with a killer gimmick like had.

The main was more for the moment, as this was Lynn winning the ECW belt, which his run didn't mean shit, but just winning it was the big thing. He and Credible stick together like glue and popsicle sticks and run a tight match, good chemistry stemming from their 98 days. Seeing as how both men's finishes are piledrivers, neither comes off looking good, all instances clearly show that the head does not hit the mat. They didn't go the extra mile here at all but they also didn't blow every spot they tried, as typical ECW. What hurts this match is the screw job Ref and New Jack doing his usual spot of coming in with weapons and bludgeoning someone. You really want to do that in your main event? So overall can't recommend watching anything on this PPV, but if you like this version of ECW, spin it if you'd rather not be Tweeting or decorating your Psicosis Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween this year.

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