Friday, October 23, 2009

Creepier by the Dozen #6

Halloween Havoc 1994
Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair - Steel Cage Match - 7

For some reason, Mr. T is the referee for this match. Don’t ask me why because I have no friggin’ idea. Hogan totally surprised me with his intensity in this match by going after Flair right off the bat. Flair just bumps around like a pinball when getting thrown into the cage. Flair tries to work over Hogan’s knee in his opening barrage. I really liked the chop exchange in the first few minutes. These two are really pounding each other. Hogan bouncing Flair’s head off the side of the cage like a basketball was tremendous. The crowd was electric for each move that Hogan did and really helped the enjoyability of the match. Loved Flair’s reversal of the chinlock into a shinbreaker that led to the figure four being applied. This was non-stop action with the figure four as the only real rest hold. We get a ref bump that KO’s Mr. T for about five minutes. Time out! Logic flaw alert! If Mr. T competed at the first two WrestleManias, then why was he so easily knocked out by a simple shoulder block? Chaos as Sherri interferes and gives Hogan double-axe from the top of the cage that he totally no-sells. Sting comes out from the crowd and then gets beaten down by a masked man from under the ring. This is getting ridiculous. Hogan overcomes all of this chicanery to get the pin all while Mr. T is handcuffed to the ropes. Huh? When did that happen? All the crap at the end kept this from achieving a higher score but still probably the best Hogan/Flair match I’ve seen in a good while.

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