Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WWF Smackdown!- 12/21/2001

1) Edge v. Kurt Angle (IC Title)- 3
2) Rikishi v. Lance Storm- 2
3) Undertaker v. Matt Hardy (Hardcore Title)- 4
4) The Rock v. Test- 3
5) Chris Jericho v. Big Show (Undisputed Title)- 1
6) Steve Austin v. Booker T (1st Blood Match) - 6

Angle v. Edge, okay, i'll fire up the VCR for that; unfortunately, this is TV, so it only went about 4 minutes, but Angle really took to that Benoit theory of killing yourself on every bump and sell. His instincts are so good too, just bred to be a pro wrestler, he gives Edge all kinds of offensive spots to show off with incl. a really silly looking belly to belly overhead. DQ finish and Angle snaps and anklelocks the hell out of Rated R. God, forgot how putrid Rikishi's ass looked. Seeing him jerk his head back on weak ass Storm punches was not a fun way to kill 3 minutes. Styles just didn't work together at all, Test interferes and no one's into it; weak superkick for the Canuck win.

Hardy was one of few "B" level guys featured on the show and he took a real ass whipping from Taker. Biker Mark was, in some ways, a more complete wrestler, more selling, more expression but felt like just another WWE-style main eventer. He takes a few big spills for Hardy but really puts him through the ringer; Matt just gives his body away to Taker like Lita does for her other band members in the Luchagores when she's in the mood for anal. Really brutal spill over timekeepers table looked gross. This was another of Test's big pushes; he was the guy who couldn't be fired; he pushes ref's around and such. Rock wasn't too on here, but he did this crazy scream when he was in a chinlock, just a really expressive sell for such an odd move. Test's reportoire was pretty limited, but decently put together, good vertical suplex. Lance "I hated "The Wrestler" because I'm better than all those has-beens" Storm came out again and took the old manager's flip over the top rope bump. Rock overcame the odds and hit a Rock Bottom for the win. One thing I noticed about Test was he doesn't know how to take bumps; he got backdropped and flew sideways over and landed on his shoulder and knee. Great way to hurt yourself; no wonder no one tried to stop him.

God, to call this a World Title match was a joke; Jericho's cherry dipped ponytail would be a fashion faux-pa at the gayest of night clubs. Show looked lumpy and out of shape; his offense was so varied it didn't make sense for a big guy; the Nightmare on Helm Street? Give me a break; a backwards powerbomb? Show nearly shattered his own tailbone trying it. This was a bad period for Jericho's usualy steady work too; he was wearing some pink leopard pants that would make Perez Hilton look straight. The main was really fun, in a lot of ways. Austin came out all pissed off and was doing the crazy brawls with not all meaty strikes but throwing Booker all over ringside and enjoying it. Booker in control played a little too much and seemed to be at a loss for moves, but he layed the chops in hard and heavy on Stone Cold. They had good chemistry though; ring work and comedy spots. I own this tape and was surprised when Big Bossman showed up and nightsticked Austin in the forehead busting him open. Ref was out so Austin just waylayed Booker for a little while afterwards until ref saw the blood and called the match. Pretty cool finish although I think it was the same as when Kane won the title from him years back. Didn't stretch it too long which was a major problem for a lot of those Austin brawls circa 98-00 but longer than most TV matches so it worked perfectly.

Other Angles:
- Ric Flair gives Booker T a big money contract
- Booker waits for Vince to arrive in limo, then hugs him thanking him for contract; Vince is confused; Flair set it up
- In Ring Rock promo- "the 12 Days of Test's Christmas"
- Booker asks Kane if he could borrow his mask for his 1st Blood match with Austin- funny stuff - Taker heel turn video package
- In ring promo with Jericho; RVD interrupts and beats up Jericho
- William Regal does interview from home; nose was shattered by Edge the week before

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