Friday, March 13, 2009

NHO E-Mails: Not Just For the Trash Can Anymore #2

hey guys,

just got done watching some footage.. - i was in the mood for six men.. - six-man tags, that is!

davey richards, roderick strong, and bull buchanan vs. aoki, taue, marufuji - 3/1/09 NOAH
really good stuff.. - the ROH guys look a bit unnatural on defense, be it placing, transitions, etc. but really shine on offense.. - match seems to be about pairing up.. - richards gets marufuji.. - davey being the most expressive of the americans.. - strong and aoki square off.. some of the more spirited exchanges.. - that leaves taue and bull.. - less said the better there.. - taue is plodding along and has an empty expression like the one my ailing grandpa often has.. - some nice explosiveness, decent stiff strikes, etc. - the ending is cool.. davey is alienated and eventually succumbs after a killer combo of a naomichi shiranui/taue chokeslam..

warlord, vampiro, jericho vs. onita, tenryu, bam bam bigelow - 7/94 WING
just wild stuff.. - funny, only one guy (warlord) is in our HoF.. - could make cases for all the rest sans vampiro.. - match plays out as follows.. tenryu is an ornery, old ass beater.. end scene.. - jericho and vampiro both come with some light stuff that tenryu simply shrugs off and then belts their asses with brutal chops.. - bigelow keeps calling out warlord.. they do one short sequence together which saw a fine lariet by warlord.. - highlights, besides tenryu owning all, is warlord slamming tenryu on a table that doesn't break and a powerbomb/neckbreaker by tenryu/onita on jericho that goes awry and almost kills Y2J.. - vampiro fears tenryu.. can't blame him..

now i'm downloading a few more before bed.. - some Kensuke Office.. - the 2/11 KENTA vs. Nakajima (think Spoon pimped this--I also have the 3/1 NOAH re-match with the GHC Jr. title change) and a Kensuke/Ibushi vs. Akiyama/Ishimori match.. - getting some K-Dojo, too.. - you know i'm a sucker for Dragon and TAKA offshoots.. - currently DL'ing dick togo/TAKA vs. ibushi/madoka.. - next on my list will be Apache Pro.. never heard of them previously but they appear to be a seedy BJPW offshoot.. - hooray for Mammoth Sasaki and Jun Kasai still getting paychecks..

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FoolzGold said...

Im very interested to see what you think about the KENTA/Nakajima matches. It would be cool if you did a compare an contrast piece. They both have made lots of discussion over at DVDr and I wanna see where you side on the issue. Looking forward to it. K-Dojo and Apache are both good but they are companys that I feel shine best in their main event while the rest of the card can feel pretty lackluster.