Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'Mania Match of the Day #7

WrestleMania VII
Randy "Macho King" Savage vs. The Ultimate Warrior – Career Ending Match – 6

Where to begin with this one. Savage and Warrior had been at each other’s throats since late-1990 with Savage causing Warrior to lose the WWF Title to Sgt. Slaughter. Now, both men were put into a match where the loser would be forced to retire. Warrior is the obvious crowd favorite since Savage in right smack in the middle of his Macho King character. One thing that really, really bothered me throughout the match was Sherri’s blatant interference. There were times she would interfere right in front of the referee yet he wouldn’t do anything about it or she would randomly enter the ring during the match. I can understand the referee not wanting to end the match on a disqualification but it was ridiculous. Speaking of the referee, why was he so animated? A kickout or a shoulder up on a two-count would cause him to flail about like he was having some sort of seizure. Savage’s limp selling of Warrior’s offense was ridiculous as well. It made Savage look like an imbecile. The most ridiculous part of the match was when Warrior hit his trademark slam and splash combo and Savage kicked out of it. Then, Warrior looked up as if he was getting a message from the almighty and walked out of the ring. Seriously? Savage kicks out of your finisher and your diety tells you to take a hike? Savage blindslides Warrior and Sherri holds him on the rail as Savage climbs to the top turnbuckle. Savage flies off and eats rail in a pretty sick spot. Moments later, Warrior nails some more shoulder blocks and pins Savage. Following the match, Sherri is livid and starts kicking Savage for losing. Then, from out of nowhere, Elizabeth jumps the rail and saves Savage and clears Sherri out of the ring. What follows is one of the most emotional moments in WrestleMania history with Savage accepting Liz back and hoisting her up on his shoulder to the delight of everyone. Within the span of 30 minutes Savage went from hated to loved in a tremendous moment. The match itself was so-so but it gets a bonus point for the Savage/Liz stuff at the end.

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Jessie said...

good job covering this epic....after re-watching this for the first time in many years....probably my favorite warrior match...a classic to be sure....sherri was liberal in her intereference, you're right....weren't you glad she was wearing that sequined thong-dress thing....thought the warrior questioning himself went with the character, but crowd hated it....finish was kind of odd too....i agree, felt some welling in my own eyes at the aftermath with liz....i liked this even more than you did