Saturday, March 28, 2009

ECW on Sci-Fi 3/16/09

1. Christian and MVP vs. Mark Henry and Shelton Benjamin - 4
2. Evan Bourne vs. Jamie Noble - 4
3. Fit Finlay vs. Paul Burchill - 4

I loved, loved this show--just great free TV, awesome, fast-paced matches, and fun in spades. If the opening tag match is any indication of the rumor that the three WWE "brands" will merge permanently then count me in as a a huge fan of the idea. MVP started and let the heels get some good heat on him, bumping well, and being a good base for Shelton's stuff while Henry was fantastic as the menacing monster on the apron. When he did tag in Christian, things changed, and Christian started rallying a comeback which was well-done. A distraction led to a surprised Christian getting hit with Shelton's patented "Play Dirt" to end things. It was smart to get heat on the heels, especially with them losing the night previously on Raw, while saving face for Christian with them only being able to stop his momentum by nefarious means.

The big, bad Bourne boy is back, baby! That's a Shattered Glass reference for all of you Hayden fans out there--you lunatics. So great to see Evan back, and even better against fellow former ROH mainstay Noble. I loved how this wasn't just a pure showcase for Bourne, and that, Jamie fought with viciousness and didn't just serve as a warm body for Bourne to walk on. They showed TJ Wilson watching in the back, the idea of him and Bourne working together made me give my cat a "Burning Hammer" in excitement. The "Shooting Star Press" looked gorgeous as always. The main event was a lot of fun, just a smash-mouth, hard-hitting fight, with Finlay controlling Paul and Burchill (glowing stylistically with new ponytail) bumping well for the Irishman. My favorite spot was Burchill leaping to the floor, only for Fit to crotch him with the ring apron, then belt him hard in the chest, which then saw Paul take a huge rolling back bump on the floor. It was nice to see Fit get the clean victory on St. Patrick's Day.

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