Sunday, March 15, 2009

HWA Wrestling- 05/26/2002

1) Chad Collyer v. Matt Dillenger- 4
2) Chet Jablonski/ Darren Neikirk v. Cody Hawk/ Tony B- 2
3) BJ Whitmer v. Timebomb- 2
4) Horace Hogan v. Nigel McGuinness- 3
5) Johnny the Bull v. Lance Cade (HWA Title)- 3

Opening match was completely by the book, with Collyer allowing Dillenger to practice his hiptoss/armdrag/armbar spot. They never stepped up into 2nd gear, probably because Dillenger couldn't, but this is Collyer's game, so a basic match with basics doesn't hurt either guy. The tag match was pretty sloppy for what it was, Neikirk was obviously a rookie, mistimed some basic double team stuff and his punches looked like someone trying to throw a plastic bag at the wind. Hawk look withered; his partner "Ice Cream" Tony B showed a lot of fire though, probably more than any other guy on the show and did a good false finish with some brass knucks. But ultimately this was messier than manager Brock Guffman's wardrobe and his underpants. Timebomb (who I had the disservice of attending Miami University with) is a sweaty little grunge who dreamed of being a pro wrestler; problem is he isn't in shape, nice to look at, or seemingly even that bright. Whitmer isn't quite the ring leader he needs to be here but does his best at showing off Timebomb's offense which is pretty limited. A bulldog was his best looking move, but he tried a moonsault when he had the advantage, and made Bam Bam's look like Heaven comparatively. Went a little longer than it needed to.

The following was basically a squash for Hulk's nephew, although not a very impressive one. Strange to see Nigel bowled over so easily here, now that he's one of the best in the world although he had the best spot of the night; ducked under a clothesline then instead of anything else he could have done, he decides to hoist his big frame up for a dropkick, looked great. Sloppy ass Death Valley Driver got the win. Cade & Bull was supposed to be this titanic fight for respect but instead ended up as a trade-off move for move match with no heat whatsoever. Cade looked strangely more like a woman in this, long parted hair and very feigned movements. Bull was kind of reckless here; big jump kicks, bounding off the top buckles backwards, he ended up being screwed by one of Cade's comrades then hit with a superkick undeserving of the prefix "Super-" I know Clark Kent wouldn't be happy. You wouldn't like him when he's unhappy.....I think that's someone else's line.

Other Angles -
Patrick Black (commissioner; looks like "Shades" from That Thing You Do) receives video from Matt Stryker in parking lot

- watches video and sees Stryker's nemesis, Dean Baldwin getting into a workout with Chris Benoit , while supposedly being injured; slaps lawyer

- Lance Cade "Pillmanizes" Race Steele before Title Match, taking his place
- Les Thatcher "hangs with" Rey Mysterio jr

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