Saturday, March 21, 2009

'Mania Match of the Day #10

WrestleMania X
Randy "Macho Man" Savage vs. Crush – Falls Count Anywhere Match – 4

So many choices from this show … should I have picked Bret vs. Owen? How about the famous ladder match? I declined both of those choices in favor of the Macho Man’s final WrestleMania appearance. Savage rushes Crush in the aisle and we’re off. Once you score a fall on your opponent, they then have 60 seconds to get back in the ring or the match ends. Crush dominates Savage in the aisle by giving him a backbreaker and dropping him on the railing and scoring a fall. The tease where Savage barely got back into the ring was tremendous. Back in, Crush continues to control and loads up some powder to throw in Savage’s eyes. Damn, Crush’s shots in the corner are weak. Savage reverses it and knocks it into Crush’s eyes and mounts an offense. In a somewhat ridiculous moment, Savage wants to pin Crush in the ring but then rolls him to the outside for the fall. Fuji helps Crush get back into the ring and the match continues. They brawl into the crowd and to the backstage area where some type of rigging is set up in a blocked off area. Savage gains the fall and ties Crush to the rigging so he can’t make it back to the ring in the alloted time. A decent match for the period but not really worth remembering though, just like Vince doesn’t remember Savage at all. "Randy who? Oh, you must mean that one guy who kicked my head in. "

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