Thursday, March 19, 2009

'Mania Match of the Day #8

WrestleMania VIII
Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice – 5

I reviewed this particular WrestleMania not long ago so it was definitely hard to pick a match from this show and re-analyze it. This was promoted as Hogan’s final match and Sid was doing the schtick any heel going against Hogan normally said … you know, how they’re going to kill Hulk-A-Mania and all this other stuff. Anyway, Sid controlled for at least 80 percent of the match by doing holds and knuckle locks. Hogan would get a offensive move in here or there but it was all Sid. It probably seems like I’m not being very descriptive here but honestly, there’s not much to describe unless you want a thorough analysis of how Sid was using his intermediate and distal phalanges to work over Hogan’s superior tranverse ligaments. Sid breaks out one of the shittiest powerbombs on record and Hogan sells it by flopping like fish out of water. Hogan kicks out and starts his hot comeback with his trademark punches. He slams Sid and then gets him with the patented legdrop which Sid kicks out of. Harvey Wippleman interferes and the ref calls for a DQ. Papa Shango runs down and double-teams Hogan until the Ultimate Warrior runs down to make the save. Hogan and Warrior pose as the show ends. An interesting tidbit about this match, from what I’ve read, Sid wasn’t supposed to kick out of the legdrop. The reason he did was because Papa Shango was late on the run-in. As I said in my review of this show, the match wasn’t much but it gets a bonus point for the surprise appearance of the Warrior.

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