Sunday, March 15, 2009

'Mania Match of the Day #4

WrestleMania IV
Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant – 3

The ‘Mania III match would’ve been too obvious a pick for that show, so instead I picked the match from the following year. We get a video package of all the major events in the Hogan/Andre feud, including the finish of the match from February 1988 where Andre beat Hogan. That match set up the WrestleMania IV world title tournament and this was a second round match in said tournament. Not to say their WM 3 match was great, but this makes it look like a 5-star classic. Hogan gets Andre tangled in the ropes early and does his famous shirt rip. Andre gets back and puts nerve holds, or chokes as Gorilla called them, on Hogan. DiBiase, who came to ringside with Andre, grabs a chair and tosses it in. They fight over the chair, Hogan gets it, and cracks Andre. The referee grabs the chair, then Andre wins another fight for the chair, and lays a solid shot into Hogan. Referee calls for the bell and we get a double DQ. Hogan chases DiBiase and Virgil down the ramp and gives Virgil one of the shittiest suplexes I’ve ever seen.

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Jessie said...

amen on that shitty suplex, brother adam....andre looked in a lot of pain....felt sad watching it really....i actually liked this less than you