Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'Mania Match of the Day #6

WrestleMania VI
Andre the Giant & Haku vs. Demolition – 5

In the pre-match interview, Mean Gene makes poop jokes toward Andre and Haku by calling them the “colostomy connection” and saying they’re “not your regular guys”. This is Andre’s swan song in the the WWF, as his body was pretty much shot by this point and he was very, very limited in what he could do in a match. Haku worked the whole match by himself with Andre interfering from the apron. Demolition’s offense was pretty crisp and Haku worked well with both of them. The little bit Andre contributed made a major impact. Just one shot from him could change the entire tide of the match. At one point, he wrapped a tag rope around Ax’s neck and the visual of Ax’s eyes bulging out of his head is one I will remember for a while. Haku was in control when he went for a side kick and accidentally caught Andre. Ax and Smash double-teamed on Andre and tied him up in the ropes and followed that up with the Decapitation manuever to win the tag team titles. The post match saw Bobby Heenan verbally berate Andre until Andre grabbed him by the collar and wailed away on him. Andre threw Heenan and Haku off the cart that went back to the locker room and stood tall with the people cheering. A fitting send off in Andre’s final televised match.


Jessie said...

oh Gene, toilet humor....did he revert to grade school....I think Haku is a really underrated guy....Loved Demolition in the day, offensively they're not great, but they can work.....you think andre needed to turn face and retire 2 years ahead of this? probably.....RIP bro (not you Test)

Jessie said...

not a big fan of this....Demolition did move well but their offense was pretty limited....you liked this more than I did....Gene was funny, but Steve Allen with the Russians was funnier.... |"okay guys, I'll quit Stalin"....groan