Friday, March 6, 2009

Survivor Series Showdown 1990

1) Sgt. Slaughter v. Tito Santana- 4
2) Rick Martel v. Marty Jannetty- 5
3) Earthquake v. Big Bossman- 4
4) Bret Hart v. Honky Tonk Man- 3
5) Texas Tornado v. Smash- 3

This was a fun show, I always remember looking forward to these go-home shows for the PPV's. This one featured members from opposing teams going against each other, & then promos with both teams afterwards. Best one has to go to the Dream Team: Dusty, Hart Foundation & Koko. Koko doesn't speak during his little promo; he sings in a really bluesy kind of way. Also funny when Dream is rambling on and says " At the Survivor.....Series, that is" like he forgot the name of the show. The theme of the show was to do long-drawn out matches which happened in nearly every one. Slaughter and Tito, two certifiable legends, went the distance in this one and while everything they did technically was fine, the match lost a lot of steam from unnecessary stalling throughout. Tito's punches are a force to be reckoned with, they look so brutal and Slaughter could bump like a crazy man when motivated. Martel & Jannetty had arguably the best match of the show, although it didnt' vary in pace or content much from the rest of the matches. I think I gave it bonus points for Martel's sleaziness, Jannetty attempting to the work the leg and the creative albeit silly finish of Marty missing a sunset flip over the ropes and Martel simply covering him.

Bossman & Quake gets points simply for Bossman's punches, some of the best of all time, the quickness, the brutality, made you actually believe he could be a prison guard, punching inmates in their cocksuckers' when they got out of line. Give Quake credit, he takes a handful of them to the mouth. Heenan came down & got invovled as he & Bossman were running a program together, & Monsoon was great at giving Heenan shit all over the show. Dumb finish but otherwise enjoyable. Bret & Honky, at least on paper, looks to have the most potential of all the matches, but it was pretty paper thin. Honky's overselling and complete disregard for selling in other places turned me off. Bret was doing some good selling though and made some of Honky's silly offense look halfway decent. Heenan & Monsoon were great here; doing a bit where Heenan "accidentally" called Jimmy Hart a runt, but then tried to cover it up by saying he was trying to cough; so the whole rest of the program you hear Heenan doing the coughing, just stretching it as far as it would go. Kerry looked quite "smashed" coming out to the ring, always seeming to be gazing off to the stars, Smash (I guess) was wearing a black hood so you didn't know who was under there but the match proved less offensive than I thought. Von Erich had his big spots (the claw & the discus punch) and he certainly did those well. The long claw hold was a good piece of business here, but Smash really uncreatively escaped by some lame kicks. Big Schmaze ends this one and we see the show closing with Warrior (sans makeup) hovering over Kerry's defenseless body; looked like a male porn. Overall though long matches isn't even necessarily a bad thing, even if I can't recommend them highly, still a nice treat.

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