Sunday, March 29, 2009

'Mania Match of the Day #18

WrestleMania X-8
The Undertaker vs. Ric Flair – No DQ Match – 7

I didn’t feel like reviewing Rock/Hogan again so instead I chose this match. Why did I choose this match? Two reasons … one, it’s the only time these two have squared off in a high profile one-on-one PPV match and two, I wanted to see if it was as bad as I remember it being. Flair starts off strong with some hard punches and great brawling on the floor and right into JR’s lap. Then Taker gets control and gives Flair one hell of an ass whipping. I’ve honestly never seen Flair take so much punishment from someone like this. I noticed early in the match, Flair had trouble doing his trademark flop over the top turnbuckle. Moments later, he got it right but ate a giant boot from Taker. Taker gets a cut on his cheek but that’s nothing compared to the gusher that Flair starts spewing halfway through the bout. Taker delivers one of the damndest top rope superplexes I’ve ever seen and Flair’s agonizing selling of it makes me cringe every time. Flair chops Taker ultra-hard and makes him scream in pain. Flair regains the offensive and Arn Anderson runs in to nail Taker with a trademark spinebuster. Flair locks in the figure-four and the crowd goes apeshit. Taker gets an evil glare and proceeds to beat down Flair even harder than he did before. He botches a Last Ride attempt but manages to get Flair up for a sick Tombstone to go 10-0 at ‘Mania. A stand out match on an otherwise bland card and nowhere near as bad as I remember it.

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