Thursday, March 26, 2009

'Mania Match of the Day #15

WrestleMania XV
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock - 5

Commissioner Shawn Michaels comes out before the match starts and institues Mike Chioda as the referee for the match due to some chicanery that happened earlier on. Almost instantly, this bout spills to the outside as they brawl on both sides of the crowd. Austin does a leap off the hockey boards and lands a terrible double-axe blow. Now we go up the aisleway and into the technical area. Rock gets whipped into the hockey boards and eats a hard clothesline on the rebound. They jockey for position and Rock backdrops Austin, who lands knee first on a light standard. To the other side of the tech area where they trade some more punches near the boom camera. It’s been like almost five minutes since the bell rang and they’ve hardly been near the ring. Finally, they get back to the ring and settle down with Rock working a side headlock. I’ll give Rock credit, his selling during the crowd brawl and outside nonsense was top-notch as usual. Rock pulls the ref in the way of a chair shot and now it’s starting to get sloppy. Ten bucks says we get another ref bump in a few minutes. Tick … tick … tick … Rock Bottom to referee Tim White. Come on now, fork over the cash, people who welch on a bet around here are forced to watch 12 straight hours of Bertha Faye matches. Tell ya what, double or nothing. Earl Hebner runs down and gets stunned a few minutes later for his efforts. Hand over the 20 or your getting strapped down to watch the best of Outback Jack. Anyway, Vince comes out and helps Rock double team Austin. Mankind comes down and refs the last few minutes of this foolishness to give Austin the win.

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