Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Affliction: Banned (air date 02/19/2009)

1) Antonio Rogerio Noguiera v. Edwin DeWees- 3
2) Andrei Arlovski v. Ben Rothwell- 5

Well, March is TV month so i thought I'd start with an episode of Affliction, the Trump backed MMA promotion that's running way behind UFC. This will also be my first MMA review. let's give it a whirl.

Nogeuira is the twin brother of former UFC Heavyweight Champ Minotauro and the similarities are ridiculously similar. They're basically like clones. His style mirrors his brother's as he lays back and waits for De Wees to come to him, but Edwin gets a good number of strikes in there. He's smart though because he doesn't try to take it to the ground. This Nogeiura actually seems to be better with his hands and let's fly a flurry (that almost sounded like a Dusty phrase) all over DeWees late in the 1st round and gets the TKO. Actually seemed like this was kind of a mismatch but DeWees didn't do too bad. Arlovski, when he wants to be is just an all out badass and can knock anyone out. Rothwell was supposedly Tim Sylvia's old training partner, hope that doesn't speak on his figthing; No, Rothwell can throw a mean hand and clocks Arlovski several times during the 1st round, as does Andrei. Good measured and lethal hands from Andrei who gets a back leg trip but winds up on bottom under a mammoth grotesque dude. Rothwell lands some devastating elbows, but eventually they have to stand up and Andrei closes the round with a brutal flurry of punches that likely would have KO'd Rothwell had he not been nestled firmly in the corner. 2nd round begins and ends almost as quickly as Andrei pegs him with an uppercut Don Flamingo would be proud of and that's the ballgame. Pretty good episode and looking forward to discovering more hidden MMA on my cable provider.

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