Friday, March 20, 2009

Nikita Koloff, Sting, and Steiners vs. Super Invader, Vader, Rick Rude, and Jake Roberts - Elimanation Match - (WCW Clash of the Champions XX) - 5

I noticed some timing miscues early with Rick and Vader. Both Steiner brothers are just launching huge suplexes which is always a treat to witness. You can clearly see a large, bushy mustache underneath Super Invader's tight, red mask. Jake's jawing with the ringside fans and doesn't see somebody being whipped into the ropes and takes an inadvertent bump to the floor in a comical moment. Koloff is being pinned and clearly both Steiners start entering the ring to break the cover, then presumably realize it's actually the finish, so bow back out which makes no sense logically. Fuck yes! Rick kills Vader with a nasty German suplex. The Steiners try to do a "Doomsday Device" but Rick can't stand with Vader on his shoulders, so he basically kneels underneath him with Vader's nutsack and phallus on top of his head while Scott does a flying clothesline, this causes Vader to do a backroll upon impact and fold over Rick's body. Steiner is disqualified for jumping from the top rope. Vader tries to powerbomb Rick on the floor, but Rick reverses with a backdrop, but again, isn't powerful enough so sort of drops to his knees and imitates a backdrop while Vader just flips himself forward. Rude runs around and gives Rick a "Rude Awakening" on the floor--don't see that often. 3-on-1 against Sting. Vader gets disqualified for coming off the top, makes him look like an idiot, seeing as how Scott was just booted for the same reason. Roberts ends up taking advantage of a smashed Sting and pinning him after a DDT. This was fairly good, for a TV main event, but the eliminations seemed like sloppy afterthoughts, sort of like the two prostitutes Jake paid to fuck each other while he jerked off on them later that night.

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