Wednesday, March 25, 2009

'Mania Match of the Day #14

WrestleMania XIV
The Undertaker vs. Kane – 5

This had intensity written all over it during the feud but was let down in that department. However, in terms of physicality, this had its fair share. Undertaker spent most of the match covering up from Kane’s punches. The backstory in this was more convoluted than the L.A. freeway system and would probably take me a few paragraphs to explain it logically. Let’s just say it involved a fire, a funeral home, and Paul Bearer. Anyway, Kane hit a pretty cool move where he did a springboard from the top rope and dropped a forearm onto the back of Taker’s neck. I say it was pretty cool because it’s not everyday you see a 7-foot tall dude springboard off the top rope. Kane controls pretty much the entire match. At one point, Taker throws Kane to the outside and tries for a suicide dive but misses and goes through the Spanish announce table. Back inside and Kane goes back to the punching and Taker goes back to the blocking. Taker scores an offensive move with a chokeslam and then a Tombstone but Kane kicks out. Another Tombstone and Kane kicks out, well it was more like a twitch, but you get the point. A top rope clothesline and a third Tombstone finishes off Kane. The main thing of this match was Kane being built to look like a monster and that Undertaker was powerless to stop him. I would comment on the selling but there really wasn’t much of that happening. Kane gets his heat back afterwards by giving Taker a Tombstone on a chair. As Pete Rose said in his pre-match segment, “HOW BOUT IT!”

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