Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Josh Barnett vs. Tank Abbott - (IGF 8/15/08) - 1

Barnett looks the part, big and athletic, but Abbott is clearly there just to collect his check. It’s a worked shoot, but at least try to offer a semblance of realism, right? Not Tank, I’ve seen elementary school children spar harder in karate classes. I feel especially bad for Barnett, having to go down on a couple occasions, selling these phantom shots like they’ve rung his bell. Barnett has a flurry of strikes, mostly open hands, in the corner but most of this is just bullshit posturing. Barnett gets the win after a few minutes, on a leg submission that was synched in about as loose as a porn star’s anus after a shooting session. From what I’ve seen, Inoki’s IGF is a huge joke, but I’ve yet to watch the series of matches The Predator and Necro Butcher had together, here’s hoping my opinion of the product will improve then.

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