Friday, March 13, 2009

'Mania Match of the Day #2

WrestleMania II
20-Man Invitational Battle Royal - 4

They invitied a bunch of football players to take part in this, maybe they should’ve painted some hash marks in the ring so they could feel at home. Technicalites aside, most of the football players seemed to hold their own with Russ Francis as one of the final four men in the ring. Earlier in the show, there was an interview to set up an angle with Bill Fralic (who?) and Big John Studd. I don’t know why it was necessary as both men were booed on their way to the ring. The famous “Refrigerator”, William Perry, had some nice exchanges with Studd that were hard-hitting. On the wrestlers side, there were a bunch of undercard guys and some veterans including Pedro Morales, Bruno Sammartino, The Killer Bees, Hillbilly Jim, and The Hart Foundation, in what is Bret Hart’s WrestleMania debut. Did I mention Andre was in this match? Anyway, once it comes down to Andre and The Hart Foundation, you’d be a fool to bet on Neidhart winning it. Speaking of which, Andre cracks him with a headbutt and sends him sailing over the top rope. Andre grabs Bret off the turnbuckle a gorilla presses him on top of Niedhart on the floor. A fun match but really the only thing that ever came out of it was William Perry being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 20 years later.

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Jessie said...

yeah kind of run of the mill....funny to see so many old faces that would never have another was actually a punch that took neidhart out....bret took a decapitating boot from andre as well....also liked this better than you