Friday, March 27, 2009

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (09/01/1982)

1) Jack Brisco v. Paul Jones (Mid-Atlantic Title Match)- 4
2) Joe LeDuc v. ? Kiniski- 4
3) Mike Rotundo v. Greg Valentine- 5
4) Roddy Piper/ Wahoo McDaniel v. The Gladiator/ The Medic- 3

The opening match was billed as the big main event title match and Caudle was flabbergasted they got it on the show. It was an exercise in leg work, Brisco methodically but tenaciously just tore apart Jones' leg for nearly the whole match. While it's clear he knows the basics, Brisco's style can come off a little silly in his theatricized movements, same for brother Gerry. But as I said, the technique was there. Jones looked like a Merrie Melodies character with his large agape mouth and ridiculous way to fall down. He got the win and the title in a surprising upset with a "karate" thrust to the throat that was believed to be illegal. Le Duc is a ugly honkin' lumberjack and my god was he stiff! A squash was never better named than when this ugly pile was brought in, just thunderous forearms and chops all over Kiniski's body, bloody knuckles to the face. Kiniski got fired up at one point, probably from taking such an ass whipping and fired back with some legit punches, but Le Duc was barely fazed. He blocked a dropkick with a big boot in a devastating spot. You could see that completely deflated Kiniski and took all his fight away.

3rd match featured two technical greats and they also weren't shy about laying their stuff in. Valentine, for such a large box-shaped dude, would bump his ass of for the other guy and did so here. He also took to the leg in this match, but wasn't as good as Brisco's work earlier in the show. He put a thumping on Rotundo who threw a great dropkick in his young days (and wore a great gerricurl haircut as well.) Really hard hitting and clean reversals made this the most entertaining bout of the night. Wahoo looked like a woman with that bowl cut and his pudgy nose looked like a decayed mushroom. Piper was a mean som' a bitch and beat Gladiator down like Roy was going to do to Jim in that one episode of The Office before Dwight maced him. Faces offensive run was dull and considering they didn't give the heels a chance to get any offense, can't grade this too high. Medic barely tagged in (god they really overdid that gimmick back in the 80's jobber days. And what medical service provider ever wore a whole mask to cover their face?) Regardless, I enjoyed this TV show; all action, guys not holding back and some entertaining interviews.

Other Angles:
- Bob Caudle interviews The Briscos, Wahoo, Kiniski, Greg Valentine, Paul Jones, Oliver Humperdink
- video of Abdullah brutalizing some scrub

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