Thursday, August 3, 2006

WWE Judgment Day '06

1. Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. MNM - 5
2. Fit Finlay vs. Chris Benoit - 6
3. Melina vs. Jillian Hall - 3
4. Super Crazy vs. Gregory Helms - 4
5. Mark Henry vs. Kurt Angle - 4
6. Booker T vs. Lashley - 4
7. Great Khali vs. Undertaker - 2
8. Rey Mysterio vs. JBL - 5

This pay-per-view was totally fine -- the wrestling was mostly competent, but, I didn't feel anything. Nothing was really compelling, or captivating in a way that'd make any of it memorable over a length of time.

The tag team match was good; both young teams have good chemistry and loads of potential. Finlay and Benoit could string together a solid match in their sleep, and didn't disappoint. Both matches were given at least 20 minutes, too; which was a pleasant surprise.

The women's match was a throwaway bout. Crazy and Helms had a decent match, but never picked up the pace nor busted out any of their best stuff. I was a bit disappointed in that regard.

Henry and Angle was better than their headlining match at Royal Rumble '06, but still not worth seeing. Angle lost by countout (lame!) and gave Henry an Angle Slam on a table that didn't break. Booker and Lashley was good, but being the finals of the returning King of the Ring, a little underwhelming. Lashley is still a little rough around the edges, but I still think they should have given this one some more time.

Khali didn't take one bump in the worst Undertaker match I've seen in a very long time. Khali sucks so much cock I’m surprised his voice doesn’t sound like Macy Gray’s. The main event occasionally felt like an important match, but it's difficult watching these two guys work together as their styles mix like preachers and strip clubs. Rey's title run was unfortunately not a success, which is a true shame. They should have booked him entirely differently; instead he was given the belt as a sympathy gesture due to Eddy Guerrero's death and then lost on several consecutive TV appearances.

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