Sunday, August 13, 2006

ROH: Weekend of Thunder: Night 1- 11/05/04

1 Jimmy Rave v. Ace Steel- 3
2 Fast Eddie v. Angel Dust v. Dunn v. Homicide- 4
3 Carnage Crew v. Dan Maff/ BJ Whitmer( Chicago Street Fight)- 1
4 Chad Collyer v. Low KI- 3
5 John Walters/ Nigel McGinnis v. Samoa Joe/ Jay Lethal- 5
6 Davey Andrews/ Shane Hagadorn v. Outcast Killaz- 2
7 Austin Aries v. CM Punk- 6
8 The Rottweilers v. Roderick Strong/ Jack Evans- 6
9 Jushin Liger v. Bryan Danielson- 6

1 There was a look of bewilderment on the face of Steel in this match, which doesn't help fans connect with what you are doing, but he did have some neat submissions.

2 This four way was fast paced and with flaws. They tried some cool stuff, top rope reversals and such, but needed a leader in the ring and Homicide was not it.

3 The street fight featured more of the garbage that Carnage Crew is known for and less of what Whitmer and Maff are good at: hard hitting In-ring action. Let me stress "In-ring". Maff was pinned with two garbage cans hitting him, which the announcer referred to as a "Con-Can-to" or some other Dr. Suess bullshit word. Their announcers are the worst.

4 This I was looking forward to, but Collyer wasn't on at all, and Ki kept playing Larry Zybyzsko chicken shit stalling. Near the end, there was some cool reversals. I'd like to see a rematch.

5 Walters and Joe looked good together, and even Lethal and Nigel stepped it up in a well worked tag encounter.

6 This was a blow out, like a low treaded tire on a highway. I guess since their Outcasts, that's their motivation to be Killaz. Yeah, that must be it.

7 This match, I dozed in and out of, but I saw some good stuff and some really slow stuff. Too long for my taste for what they brought to it.

8 This match I enjoyed, for one I really do like tag wrestling the more I get to see of it. I feel depraved after watching WWE for years and not seeing anything decent. Evans, I felt really stepped up, which he has needed to do for a while even if all his stuff didn't work.

9 The dream match that ROH had been boasting. They worked an appropriate pace and hit all their signature moves including an awesome top rope brainbuster from the top to finish. Liger looked like he still had a love for the sport, which is more than I can say for his TNA outings.

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