Thursday, August 31, 2006

ROH War of the Wire II

1) Jimmy Jacobs vs. Trik Davis – 4
2) Jerrelle Clark & Davey Richards vs. Jimmy Rave & Sal Rinauro – 4
3) Nigel McGuinness vs. Colt Cabana – 2
4) Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Sydal – 6
5) Irish Airborne vs. Alex Payne & Pelle Primeau – 3
6) Austin Aries vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Homicide vs. Delirious – 5
7) Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Roderick Strong & Jack Evans – 7
8) Necro Butcher vs. B.J. Whitmer – Barbed Wire Match – 7

I think that Trik Davis ran out of tricks. He must have as he lost to Jacobs in a match that won’t even be on the DVD release. Richards really impressed me with his style of wrestling. It looked to me like he was mixing the British mat style with the Japanese strong style and throwing a little bit of Brock Lesnar on top of that. On the opposite side, the team of Rinauro and Rave looked like crap, even though they were working heel. McGuinness and Cabana would’ve been better if they wouldn’t have done the cheap finish. Nigel gauding Cabana outside the ring at a 15-count only to roll back in at 19, thus giving him a cheap count-out victory was the worst finish I may have ever seen. Daniels and Sydal had a nice match that excited the crowd and made them forget about the insanity of no air conditioning in mid-July. Sydal looked better than the last two times he’s appeared in Dayton, maybe his stint in Dragon’s Gate had something to do with it.

With the show being in Dayton and all, naturally they had to get the hometown boys of Irish Airborne on the show. They squashed the team of Payne and Primeau who will most certainly be working at a video store in order to earn extra cash come the holidays. The four way match left a lot to be desired. I could tell that they really weren’t into it, probably because of the aformentioned insanity. The Briscoes and Strong and Evans had a fantastic, hard-hitting tag team encounter which was quite possibly the best tag match I’ve seen in a long time. The main event featured barbed wire tables, thumbtacks, and ladders in what was perhaps the sickest match I’ve ever seen. Both men went through a barbed wire table, Necro had tacks stuck in the bottom of his feet, and Whitmer damn near killed himself in a spot where he splashed Necro off a ladder who had a barbed wire board laying on top of him. The night was capped off by a late-night breakfast at Denny’s and casual conversation over coffee with friends. Truly a great night of wrestling.

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Jessie said...

I still want this show!!!!
i'm a sucker for three things in this world and barb wire bumps is one of them!