Sunday, August 20, 2006

WWE Amargeddeon '03

"The end is here!" If they don't stop playing that (insert expletive; preferably the one starting with fuck and ending with -ing here) I'm going to take Stacy Kiebler and beg her to do a table dance for me and then get escorted from her hotel where I followed her back to after a show.

1 Booker T v. Mark Henry- 5- This was a good ass match, Suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! And Mark Henry was in it? Suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! God that is fun to say! No wonder he's so over! Booker T is one of the most under utilized guys in WWE. He could be a main eventer but they don't use him. This could have been Henry's finest performance. One thing I noticed is that he looked very comfortable in the ring and at lot of times, he doesn't. These guys have two different styles and you wouldn't think they would mesh well, but I didn't think Jello and cheese did either until I tried it, but well, it made me sick so bad example. But, the match worked.

2 Randy Orton v. Rob Van Dam- 7- Wow! RVD and Orton, another mis match, two conflicting styles, but they blended so well. If this match were food, I hope I would get some on my fingers, so I could lick it off. One little teeny complaint that didn't take away from the match, but also didn't add to it was Mick Foley as referee. I think Orton is phenomenal and of all the wrestlers that came out of OVW in the last few years, he has the most potential, as far as in-ring competitor and I think his old school style helped ground RVD.

3 Chris Jericho/ Christian v. Lita/ Trish Stratus- 3- Jericho looked like a mopey alley cat begging for some milk. I don't know if Trish was lactating or not, but if she was, she could feed Jericho's whole family. The girls pulled off some decent spots and the guys were selling big for them, but also returned the receipt. There were a few clotheslines that were fun to watch.

4 Shawn Michaels v. Batista-6- Michaels can work with big men like nobody's business. He made Dave look competent and that's saying a lot. He sold big for him and the finish was so hot, it made Halle Berry's topless scene in Swordfish look like a mackerel.

5 Maven v. Matt Hardy-0- a throw away to put over Batista. Although I liked the fire they had because they just started their match on the outside of the ring since Batista was holding the ring hostage, like the cast of the Sopranos wanting more money for the last season and now it wasn't the last season, but maybe this season is but they haven't really said, but anyways, I predict Tony gets whacked by one of his own guys in the last episode. Just putting it out there.

6 La Resistance v. Hurricane/ Rosey v. Cade/ Jindrak v. Val/ Storm v. Dudleys v. Steiner/ Test v. Flair/ Batista- 4- As a whole, this match was decent, but parts were pretty good and parts were pretty not so good. I enjoyed Val and Storm as a team and La Resistance looked pretty good too, but this was the Dudleys decline, you know when they just didn't care about how their matches looked. Yeah, it was like that.

7 Molly Holly v. Ivory- 1- I didn't know Ivory was still on the pay roll. How old is she anyways? She dresses like a skeeze, but she has the face of a grandmother. This match was slop.

8 Kane v. HHH v. Goldberg-3- The crowd declined in interest as the show went on, so there was no reaction in this one. This three guys don't look good together, nor alone for that matter, so why do it? It just seemed a vehicle to give HHH the belt back. I didn't like it.

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